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Equality framework for local government

This page provides information about the Council's Equality Framework. The page provides information about the 5 framework theremes and explains the levels of achievement.

Equality framework for local government

The Equality Framework for Local Government (EFLG) replaced the Equality Standard for Local Government when it came into effect on the 1 April 2009. The Equality Framework is a national standard of good practice with regards to how Council’s carry out their day to day work to ensure their services are fair, accessible and meet the needs of diverse groups to redress inequality.

There are 5 themes within the framework and each theme contains a number of criteria against which the council can measure it’s performance. The 5 themes are:

  1. Knowing Your Community- Equality data and Community profiling
  2. Place Shaping, Leadership, Partnership and Organisational Commitment
  3. Community engagement and Satisfaction
  4. Responsive Services and Customer Care
  5. Creating a Modern and Diverse Workforce

Council’s are measured against 3 levels of achievement:

  • Developing (working towards meeting the standards)
  • Achieving (they fulfil their duties under the Equality Act)
  • Excellent (they go the extra mile and put equalities high on their agenda)
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