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Equality monitoring

This page provides information about equalities monitoring. There is also a link to a useful leaflets that discusses the reasons why monitoring information is important.

Equality monitoring

Equality monitoring is the way we gather information about the profile of people who use our services, we compare this information to the borough profiles and get feedback from people to identify their needs. It can tell us whether our services are fair and accessible.

Why does The Council need to ask such personal questions?

We are not just being nosey. Asking these questions can help us to improve the services we deliver to our communities and to you. If through monitoring we find that certain groups of people are not using particular services, we can address this to ensure everyone gets fair and equal access to our services, regardless of their age, disability, gender, race, religion, belief or sexual orientation. We collate this information to show us patterns and trends and ensure we are reaching vulnerable people.

To reassure you:

  • Information provided by you is confidential under Data Protection legislation
  • Information is not passed onto anyone else outside the council and is not used to check citizenship status or nationality
  • You are not obliged to provide this information but it is the Council’s duty to ask all these questions and by giving it you are helping us improve what we do

Without reliable data we will not be able to measure our progress in meeting customer needs and in reducing inequalities in access to services.

Further information about equality monitoring information is included in the following leaflet:

Equality monitoring - what's it got to do with you? (PDF Document, 1.12 Mb)

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