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Falls from height

This page provides information about the risks from falling in the workplace and the factors that can contribute to those risks.

In 2008 to 2009, there were 4000 major injuries as a result of a fall from height in the workplace.

Falls from height are the most common cause of death and the second most common cause of major injury to employees at work. They account for about 15 per cent of all major injuries.

Injury can occur with a fall even from a very low height and you do not necessarily have to be working from a ladder or steps.

Most falls from heights usually happen because of poor management control of the work being carried out, rather than a failure of the equipment.

Common factors include the following:

  • not recognising there is a problem,
  • not providing a safe system of work,
  • not making sure a safe system of work is followed,
  • poor instruction, training or supervision and
  • not providing or not using safe equipment.

For more information about falls from height, including the Falls from Height Regulations 2005 and the 2007 amendment, click on the link below

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