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Florence Wragg Way play area

Florence wragg way play area

The play area at Florence Wragg Way re-opened on 13th July 2018 following the installation of new play equipment. The new equipment was chosen following a consultation process with local residents and children who use the play area.

The consultation closed in January 2018 and 66 responses were received.

The results showed that 52% of the respondents visited the play area at least once a week with 80% of users being 8 years of age or under. The two things users like about the current play area is the age of the equipment and that there is not enough to play on. The two most popular items by far were the swings and slide.

3.5% of children using the area have a disability and requests were made for disabled friendly swings and rails on either side of steps.

When asked what equipment users would like to see in the new area swings were the most popular choice with a number of people saying they need to queue to use the current ones and complaints that there are no junior swings. The second most popular request was for a slide followed by a more challenging climbing unit, monkey bars, roundabout and more benches for parents and carers.

The new design has taken all of the above into consideration and the play area should be open for use by the time the schools break up for the summer. There will be two toddler swings, two junior swings, a basket swing, two climbing units (one for toddlers and one for juniors which includes monkey bars and a slide), a roundabout, a springy and three benches. The equipment will be suitable for children up to the age of 12 years and will be a balance of junior and toddler items.

The cost of the new equipment is being met by Developer Contributions (also known as Section 106 Contributions) which are paid by a developer in order to mitigate the impact of new homes and other buildings which create extra demand on local facillities.

A number of respondents requested outdoor gym equipment be installed. This suggestion has been noted and if further funding becomes available it may be possible to install equipment into the wider public open space at Florence Wragg Way at some point in the near future.

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