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Fludes Lane Woodland

Fludes Lane, which acts as a link between the A6 in Oadby to the wider countryside. This page provides information about how Fludes Lane offers local residents a chance to experience an urban woodland.

Woodland biodiversity

As the temperature rises and daylight lengthens, the woodlands start coming into their own. The adage 'if the oak before the ash then be ready for a splash; when the ash before the oak then be ready for a soak' is an old wives' tale using nature to tell how the weather will be over the coming months. Keep an eye out to see which of the two different species has its leaves coming out first as you walk through the woodland. Both ash and oak are the main woodland trees in Fludes Lane Woodland with an understory of hawthorn, elder and field maple. Spring migrants are back from Africa. Listen carefully and you will hear the territorial song of chiffchaff and blackcap, accompanying the resident birdsong of robin, chaffinch, wren, dunnock and nuthatch. If you see some delicate yellow flowers, these will be celandine. The first flowers to emerge in spring are mainly yellow as this is the main colour that attracts insects for an early nectar source.

Your contribution

If any resident would like to contribute to animal and plant records, then the Council would like to hear from you. These records contribute to the management of the woodland and will also assist in planning the future interpretation of the woodland. If you wish to help please see the contact details on the left. Also the Council would like to hear from you if you would like to help out in one of our various volunteering schemes.

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