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Garden Waste Collection

This page provides details of the fortnightly garden waste collection service that currently operates in the Borough. It outlines the type of materials that you can place in the bins/sacks; the maximum weight for each sack; where to put the bin/sacks on the collection day; which sacks you should use and what to do if your bin/sacks are not emptied.

Garden waste collections suspended over winter months

Garden waste collections will cease on Friday 8 December 2017, with this being the the last collection day. Normal garden waste collections will resume week commencing Monday 19 February 2018. Garden waste can be recycled during this period at the Recycling Household Waste Site located on Wigston Road, Oadby LE2 5JE.

Changes and choices for your garden waste collection service

You now have a choice as to how you would like us to collect your garden waste. You can choose to have up to four reuseable garden waste sacks (which can hold up to no more than 7kg each) or you can choose to have a green wheeled bin.

If you put out more than four sacks than you will be asked to use a wheeled bin instead. The first wheeled bin will be supplied free of charge, you can purchase additional bins at a one off charge of £25 each. There are two sizes of wheeled bins available, 240 litre or 140 litre. We can help if you would like to share a bin with your neighbour.

I have a large garden, can I put extra garden waste at the side of the bin?

We will only collect garden waste that is either in the green wheeled bin or in up to four reusable sacks. Please note that sacks must not weigh more than 7kg each or they cannot be collected. We will collect either wheeled bins or the reuseable sacks from each household and not a combination of the two. Please do not put extra waste at the side. If you have a large amount of garden waste, you can take it to the local Recycling Household Waste Site located on Wigston Road, Oadby LE2 5JE. Alternatively, you could try home composting. For more information on home composting please visit: or telephone 0844 571 4444 where you can order and have a discounted home compost bin delivered to you direct.

How do I order a free wheeled bin?

Please submit the form below.

When will I receive my new bin?

We aim to deliver your bin within 4 weeks.

How do I recycle my real Christmas tree?

Collection of your real Christmas tree can be arranged by contacting Oadby and Wigston Borough Council on (0116) 288 8961, alternatively, you can take it to the local Civic Amenity Site located on Wigston Road, Oadby LE2 5JE.

What can be put in my bin/sacks?

Grass cuttings, leaves, small hedge and tree clippings, small plants, flowers and other compostable waste from the garden can be placed in your garden waste bin/sacks.

What cannot be placed in my bin/sacks?

Kitchen waste, such as rotten vegetables and peelings, plastic bags or packaging, soil, concrete or bricks, cooked food or meat scraps, animal waste, glass, commercial waste, household waste or other recyclable materials.

What should I do for the bin/sacks to be emptied?

Place the bin/sacks at the front edge of your property by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day. The bin/sacks will be emptied and returned to your property.

Bin/sacks will not be emptied if they are not easily accessible, or if they are too heavy or contain the wrong materials.

Your bin or sacks have been left out for collection but have not been emptied

If your bin or sacks have not been emptied on the collection day and you are sure that there were no incorrect items in them or the sacks were not too heavy, please contact Operational Services on (0116) 288 8961.

If you are a new resident or have any questions regarding your collection day, please click here to contact us

How you want us to collect your garden waste from February 2015

We will contact you at a later date to arrange payment.

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