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Garden Waste Service - FAQs


Can anyone use the service?

This service is for householders not businesses. All residential premises and properties within the Borough assessed as suitable will be eligible for the service.

Do I have to join?

No, the service is entirely optional. If you do not join the scheme, the Council will not collect your garden waste if it is left out for collection.

If you do not wish to subscribe to the scheme or have a large amount of garden waste you can take it to the Local recycling Household Waste Site located on Wigston Road, Oadby, LE2 5JE. Alternatively, you could try home composting. For more information on home composting please visit: or telephone 0844 571 4444 where you can order and have a discounted home compost bin delivered to you direct.

How can I join the Garden Waste Scheme?

You can complete a subscription application on line at or by contacting our Customer Service Team on 0116 288 8961. You can also use one of our self-serve portals at our Customer Service Centre at Bell St, Wigston. Full payment, including the payment for any additional bins will be taken at the point of subscription and before the service is provided. Payment can be made by credit or debit card.

When can I join the service?

You can join the service now to have your garden waste collected from April 2018.

Where can I get a copy of the full terms and conditions?

Copies of the full terms and conditions are available on our website at


How much does it cost to have my garden waste collected?

The charge for the service is £40 per year. You can have 1 x 240 litre bin or up to 2 x 140 litre bins for this charge. If you just have 1 x 140 litre bin the charge will still be £40 per year.

If you want additional bins they will be charged at £20 per year.

Additional bins purchased for £20 will have the same subscription end date as the main bin for which £40 was charged. All bins at a property will fall for renewal at the same time.

If you review the price will I have to pay extra if I’ve already subscribed?

You will only have to pay again when you renew your subscription. When you renew you will be charged whatever the relevant charge is in place at the time.

I have paid my subscription, when can I start using the service?

You can use the service as soon as you have a bin displaying a valid permit.

Once we have received your payment, a self-adhesive permit (sticker) will be sent out to you in the post to fix to your bin. The permit will take upto 10 working days to arrive from when you sign up. During this period you will not be able to present your garden waste kerbside but your permit will be valid for a 12 month period.

If there is not a bin at your property you will be able to let us know when you place your order and we will also arrange for one to be delivered.

Please Note: If you currently do not have a bin and require a delivery of a garden waste bin, this can take up to 10 working days to be delivered.

When can I get the service?

You can request the service at any time. The subscription period will cover a total period of 12 months running from the date the sticker is received by the customer and fixed to the bin and where this is before the first of the month the subscription will run for the remainder of that month and the following full 12 months.

You can check the “My Location” section of the Oadby and Wigston Borough Council Website for the most up to date version of the collection calendar for their area. Customers may begin to use the service from the next scheduled collection day once they have a wheeled bin[s] displaying a valid sticker.

How can I pay?

Payment involves one single payment for the full amount which has to be paid at the time the subscription is applied for. Payment can be made by debit or credit card. There will be no option to pay by instalments and we cannot accept cash or cheques.

I am on benefits - do I still have to pay?

There are no concessionary rates for people on benefits. The Council does have a discretionary scheme whereby customers who are in receipt of Discretionary Council Tax Support at the time they apply for the subscription can join the scheme at a reduced rate. Please contact our Customer Service Team on 0116 288 8961 if you think this applies to you.

What if I'm renting and / or am not responsible for the garden where I live?

Please talk to the person responsible for your garden about the charge. They can then make the decision about whether to join the scheme to have the garden waste from your property collected.

What’s to stop other people in the neighbourhood swapping my bin with theirs?

The sticker that will be issued when you subscribe to the scheme will display your address. You may also think about affixing adhesive numbers to your bin to make it more easily identifiable as yours. The council does not supply adhesive numbers.

Can I pay for someone else?

Yes. When you are ordering you will have the option to say you are ordering for another address. All correspondence will be sent to the address from where the garden waste collection will be made.


How do I renew my subscription if I want to join the service next year?

The Garden Waste Service is renewable every 12 months. We will contact you before your subscription expires to invite you to re-join.


How will you know who has paid?

If you have paid for your garden waste to be collected you will be issued with an individual self-adhesive permit which you will need to stick onto the rear of the bin. The Council will keep records of who has paid and will only be collecting bins from those homes that have paid.

Why do I have to put a sticker on my bin?

The self-adhesive permit provides visual identification of payment which will allow the collection crews to identify which garden waste bins are to be emptied.

If you subscribe to have more than one bin emptied you will receive a permit for each bin.

The permit(s) must be affixed to the rear of the bin (the side with the handle).

What happens if I stick the permit in the wrong place or it gets damaged?

It is your responsibility to place the self-adhesive permit prominently on the wheeled bin[s] in the area of the bin indicated on the reverse of the self-adhesive permit.

Please ensure the surface of the wheeled bin is dry, undamaged, clear of debris and that the self-adhesive permit won’t interfere with the opening of the bin lid before attempting to apply the permit.

The self-adhesive permits are tamper proof and cannot be removed without damage once fixed. Inclusion of the customer address and a unique permit number provides both an additional visual check and a deterrent against theft and abuse of the service.

If you do have a problem, please contact us, we will try to help and may replace the permit at our discretion.


Can I use a different container for my garden waste?

No. Collections will only be made from wheeled bin[s] supplied through the Council and displaying a valid self-adhesive permit.

How often will my garden waste be collected?

The garden waste collection service will operate on a fortnightly basis all year round, including during the winter months. The exact dates are published on the Council’s website.

When do I put my bin out for collection?

Garden waste wheeled bins must be presented kerbside by 7am on the collection day. Bins should be presented with the permit visible from the pavement side.

Garden waste bins should be removed from the kerbside as soon as possible after collection but no later than 10pm on the day of collection.

What should I do if my bin does not get collected?

If your bin does not get collected and you have followed the guidance on how to present your waste at the correct time please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0116 288 8961 to report this. Missed bins that were left out at the right time and were correctly presented will be collected before your next scheduled collection.

I get assistance in putting out my other bins. Is there help available to put out my garden waste bin?

The Council will continue to provide an assisted collection for residents who are elderly or have a disability which means they are not able to move their bin kerbside and there is no-one else in the household who could move the bin for them. If you currently have an assisted collection this will continue for your garden waste collection if you subscribe to the service. If you would like to apply for an assisted collection please complete our online form or telephone our Customer Service Centre on 0116 288 8961

What happens during the winter if my bin is frozen?

Should the contents of bins be frozen the council will endeavour to release the contents but some waste may remain in the bin. The Council is unable to return to empty the frozen bins before the next collection.

We will leave a hanger on your bin if we have not been able to dislodge frozen contents.


I already have a wheeled bin but I do not want to subscribe to the service. What shall I do with my bin?

You can keep your bin if you want to make use of it. If you don’t want to keep the bin we can collect it. Please contact our Customer Service Team on 0116 288 8961 to request a collection.

I have garden waste sacks supplied by the Council that I no longer require. What should I do with them?

You can keep your garden waste sacks if you want to make use of them. If you do not want to keep the gardens waste sacks please put them in the black bag with your normal household refuse.

I already have a garden waste bin; will it be ok to use it?

Yes, so long as it is a green bin originally supplied by Oadby & Wigston Borough Council.

I have a big garden, how many bins can I have?

There is no limit to the number of bins you can have but you will have to pay a subscription for each bin (unless you are opting to have 2 x 140 litre bins instead of 1 x 240 litre bin). Any additional bins of any size over and above one 240 litre or 2 x 140 litre bins will attract an additional subscription charge of £20.

I already have a 240 litre bin but it is too big to move around the outside of my property, can I swap it for 2 x 140 litre bins?

Yes, we recognise that some people would have difficulty getting a larger bin (240 litres) around the outside of their property so for the same annual subscription fee of £40 you can have 2 smaller bins (140 litres) instead.

If you want to change your bin allocation you must do this at the point of subscription or renewal. Bins will not be swapped at any other time.

I’ve ordered an extra bin, how long will it take to be delivered?

The Council will deliver the wheeled bin[s] to your property or premises registered to receive the Service within 10 working days of payment - Please note: Due to the high demand for the service, From 19 March until 20 April it is expected this could be upto 20 working days.

Who owns and is responsible for looking after the bin?

The bins are the property of the Council.

During the life of this agreement you are responsible for keeping the container safe and secure. The Council will charge for replacement bins if they have been intentionally damaged or if they have been stolen or are reported as missing.

The charges are for the replacement of the old bin and for delivery. The charge is not for the new bin and the new bin will continue to be the property of the Council. The charge for a replacement bin is £20.

What should I do if my bin gets damaged or worn?

The Council will carry out routine repairs to containers where the council reasonably considers it necessary due to normal wear and tear, or damage caused by the Council during the emptying operation. Contact the Customer Service Team on 0116 288 8961 if your bin has been damaged.


What garden waste can I put in my bin?

✓Grass cuttings

✓Hedge clippings

✓Twigs and small branches

✓Weeds with soil shaken off

✓Flowers and plants


We DO NOT collect the following:

X Cardboard, paper or plastic of any description

X Large quantities of soil

X Bricks or rubble

X Any household waste

X Animal waste

X Any food waste, including fallen fruit

If items form the list of things we do not collect are in your bin we will not empty your bin. We will leave a hanger on your bin to ask you to remove the contaminated items. We will then collect your bin on the next scheduled collection date provided the contaminated items have been removed.

There were some branches sticking out of the top of my bin and it wasn’t collected. Why is that?

The Council will not empty wheeled bin[s] that are overflowing. Lids of wheeled bins must be fully closed for the bins to be lifted safely without the risk of falling off the bin lift.

We will leave a hanger on your bin if it has not been emptied because it is overfilled. You will be expected to remove some items so the lid can shut fully and the bin will be collected on the next scheduled collection date.


I’m moving house within the Borough and I have paid for the service can I carry on having my garden waste collected?

If you subscribe to the service and you move house within the Borough your subscription will continue at your new address. You will be sent a new sticker for the bins at your new property (there will be no extra charge for this). Collections will also continue to be made at the house you moved out of until the period of that subscription comes to an end. Both subscriptions will run for the same period that the original subscription was taken out for.

I’m moving out of the Borough and I subscribe to the service can I have a refund?

If you subscribe to the service and move home to a new property outside of the Borough you will not be able to receive any refund on the subscription fee you paid. The bin remains the property of the Council and must be left at the property. Collections will continue to be made at the house you moved out of until that subscription comes to an end.

If I want to cancel the service can I have a refund?

If you subscribe and stop using the service for any other reason, you will not be entitled to a refund. No refunds for the service will be issued for any reason.


How will the information I provide you with be used?

We will process your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will not share your personal data with third parties without your permission. The data you provide in order to subscribe to this service will be kept secure by the Council. It may be shared with our appointed partners in order to provide this service.


If you have looked through our terms and conditions and these FAQs and still have a question please contact our Customer Service Team on 0116 288 8961.

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