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Hackney carriage/private hire driving assessments

The Blue Lamp Trust (BLT) replaces the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) as the organisation to assess the applicants driving standard. Applicants for Hackney Carriage/Private Hire drivers licences are now required, as part of the application process, to have their driving ability assessed by the BLT.

Further details relating to the driving assessment, what the BLT assessor is looking for during the assessment and how to book an assessment can be found by clicking the link on this page.

An application for a hackney carriage/private hire drivers licence can be submitted before the assessment has been undertaken. However, a licence will not be granted until such time as the applicant for the licence provides a member of the Licensing Team with their copy of the BLT Driver Assessment Report.

When completing the online Taxi Driver Assessment form for the BLT, please ensure that the field "Name of local licensing authority" is completed using "Oadby and Wigston Borough Council" and the field "email address" is completed as

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