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Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit payments over the christmas period will be paid on your usual date.

This page contains information about who can claim Housing Benefit and how to make a claim.

Who can apply for Housing Benefit?

You can claim Housing Benefit if you:

  • Pay rent to the council
  • Pay rent to a housing association or a registered social landlord
  • Pay rent for a room at a hostel, for a caravan, mobile home or houseboat
  • Pay rent for accommodation where a large part of the rent is for board and attendance
  • Pay rent to a private landlord (please see the section below regarding local housing allowance)

Maximum benefit can cover all your rent, provided it is reasonable but some services paid for in your rent may be excluded.

From April 2008 the Local Housing Allowance regulations came into force to work out how much help you get towards your rent. This only applies if you rent from a private landlord. For more information please go to the Local Housing Allowance and the Local Housing Allowance rates pages.

Make a new claim for Housing Benefit/ Council Tax Support

Council tenants

If you are entitled to Housing Benefit to help with a council rent, the benefit is credited to your rent account and reduces the amount that you have to pay.

Housing Association tenants and private tenants

If you are a tenant of a housing association or of a private landlord, the benefit is paid into your bank (BACS), normally to you, two weekly in arrears but sometimes to your landlord who will be paid four weekly in arrears.

For more details about the information required to make a claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support please visit the Information required to claim for Housing and Council Tax Support page.

Authority has been provided by the Chief Executive to collect this information, see this attachment. Acceptance of Electronic Claims and Changes of Circumstances (PDF Document, 280.11 Kb)

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