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Why your recycling bag may have not been collected

This page explains why your recycling bag may not have been collected and what to do. It also gives examples of the types of materials you can recycle in the green and brown bags.

Why recycling bags are sometimes not collected.

We are one of a minority of Councils in the country to offer weekly refuse and weekly recycling collections and your help in putting out the right waste is important to help us retain this service. We are keen to collect as many materials for recycling as possible, however we can only maintain this high level of service if residents ensure that materials they put out in their recycling bags for collection match those that we can process.

There are 3 reasons we do not collect recycling bags:

  1. When you place materials in the green or brown bag that are different to those listed below
  2. When the bag contains materials that are not clean, for example, greasy food containers and tins containing food bits
  3. Bags are over 7kgs in weight

By placing the correct materials in the right bags, and that they are not too heavy, you can ensure that your bags are collected by our recycling crews.

Please always rinse containers and bottles to remove food particles.

Recycling bags are deliberately thin to assist reprocessing so do not allow the contents to exceed 7 kilograms each.

What is accepted in the bags?

In the green recycling bag you can place: Green Recycling Bag

  • Yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, plastic food trays without the film cover, plastic egg cartons and plastic cups

  • Plastic detergent bottles such as washing up liquid, shampoo and conditioner bottles

  • Aluminium cans, clean food tins and pet food tins

  • Washed aluminium trays and wrapping foil

  • Empty aerosol cans that have not been pierced

  • Empty juice and milk cartons

In the brown recycling bag you can place:Brown Recycling Bag

  • Paper, junk mail (always tear off the bit that contains your personal information) envelopes, cardboard and greeting cards

  • Newspapers, magazines, catalogues, telephone directories and shredded paper

In a separate brown recycling bag you can also place:

  • Clean clothes

  • Paired shoes

  • Handbags

  • Leather belts

  • Scarves, hats and gloves

  • Bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets

What to do if we do not collect your recycling?

Please remove any items that should not have been in the bags, or have made it too heavy, rebag and place out on your next collection day. There is no limit to the number of recycling bags we will collect and we value you recycling your household waste.

If you would like any further assistance or information please click here to contact us and we would be pleased to assist you.

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