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Let's talk about rubbish - FAQs

Answers to common or possible questions to help you understand and complete the waste consultation survey.

Q. Why are we consulting?

A. Oadby and Wigston Borough Council is having to review the way in which it collects refuse and recycling, as it is one of the Council’s largest budgets.

It is important that we gather local opinion so we can continue to provide a valued service for all our residents.

To do this we need your thoughts to help us make the right choices for Oadby and Wigston.

Q. Is completing the survey compulsory?

A. NO - however we want as many responses as possible! This is to enable the Council to get a full informed picture of local opinion, to help shape any changes that may have to be introduced.

Q. Do I have to live in Oadby and Wigston to have my say?

A. YES - we know this is an important service for residents. We want to enage with the very people who receive the current refuse and recyling services and understand their aspirations on the future of waste collection in the Borou

Q. How do you fill in the multiple-option questions - numbers 2 and 3?

A. Questions 2 & 3 are 'ranking' questions not 'scoring' questions. So, you have to give each option a SEPERATE number from 1 (being your most valued or important) right through to 7 or 8 which would represent what you feel is of least value or importance to you.

You cannot enter the same number.

The other four questions, you have to provide ONE answer. Comments are very welcome and will be analysed - but this part is optional.

Q. Why is there very little detail and options within the survey?

A. This is an initial survey to gather general local opinon to help the Council draft out some more detailed options. These options will be fully consulted in the summer, where the survey will be able to go into much more detail.

Q. Can I fill part of the survey in, save my progress, and come back to it at a later date?

A. NO - the survey is only six questions - so there is not the ability to save and return. You are however, able to view the questions - have a think about your preferences and return to submit your thoughts before the cut-off date. Once you have fully completed, you cannot cancel your survey submission.

Q. Why can't we answer the survey anonymously?

A. We want to receive an accurate and genuine picture of resident's opinions on waste collection. To do this we need to make sure each household has submitted in the correct way, with only one view per houshold being permitted. By giving your details we can rectify any possible anomalies that may occur - we want your voice to be heard!

It will also help limit any potential fraudulent responses.

Q. I live with housemates (or my family/partner) and we disagree on certain questions within the survey. Why can't we fill in the survey as individuals?

A. Waste collection is a service that is delivered to each houshold - not per individual and we wanted the survey to reflect this. This may mean a household will need to sit down and discuss the questions asked and fill in the survey as a family. (Please check with any other fellow occupants if they have already filled in the survey as we will look at results to check that only one answered survey per household has been received.)

Q. What will happen if there are multiple repsonses from a household?

A. This could easily happen and this is why we ask for contact details, so we can get in touch and clarify which is the correct version that you wish to submit. If we cannot contact you and there are suspicious multiple entries we reserve the right to discount all the entries received.

Q. Are the results received binding?

A. NO - not at all. This is just to gauge general opinion and for the feedback to to be examined further. All the survey results will then be published and a further more in-depth consultation will begin in the summer before any decisions regarding waste collection are made.

Q . When does the survey close?

A. It closes at Midnight on 12, March 2017. (Postal entries ONLY will be accepted that are received pre-noon on 13, March 2017.)

Q. Where can I find out more information or get help with completing and submitting the survey?

A. We are running a series of information and open session across the Borough, please call Customer Services on 0116 288 8961 for details.

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