Libraries are the responsibility of Leicestershire County Council. To find out more about library services in Oadby and Wigston, visit the Libraries page on the County Council's web site where you can access the following information:-

  • Details about borough and district Libraries
  • Details about mobile Libraries
  • Infolinx (The community information network for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland)
  • Reading groups in Leicestershire libraries
  • The Peoplesnetwork and computers in Leicestershire libraries
  • Guide to services offered through Leicestershire libraries
  • List of the holdings of Leicestershire libraries
  • Details of events taking place in Leicestershire libraries
  • News section - Community Services Press Releases
  • Section for children and young people
  • Library services for education

You can also do the following online:-

Renew, request or reserve your books on-line

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