Listed Buildings are those that are deemed to be of historical importance and enable acknowledgement and understanding of our shared history. English Heritage has a definitive list of all Listed buildings under the 'List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest' national register. The Borough of Oadby and Wigston currently has 37 Listed Buildings. As a rule of thumb, the older the building, the more likely it is to be listed.

Why Are Buildings Listed?

Buildings are Listed in order to protect the country's historic and architectural character. Listing a Building is not a preservation order restriction change; however, it means buildings are subject to different planning regulations and policy. Under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, English Heritage has a statutory duty to list all buildings of historic and architectural interest.

What are the Criteria when Listing a Building?

The following link provides information on the general principles applied by the Secretary of State when deciding whether a building is of special architectural or historic interest and should be added to the list compiled under the Planning Act 1990.

English Heritage Listing Criteria

The Different Grades of Listing

When buildings are Listed, they are graded into one of the three following classifications, based on their relative importance:

Grade I - buildings of 'exceptional interest', sometimes considered to be of International importance. English Heritage suggests that of the 375,000 buildings listed within the United Kingdom, 2.5 per cent are of Grade I classification. The Church of All Saints is the Borough's only Grade I listed building.

Grade II* - particularly important buildings that are of more than 'special interest'. Some 5.5 per cent of all listed buildings within the United Kingdom fall into this category. There are four buildings of such classification within the Borough.

Grade II - buildings that are nationally important and of 'special interest'. Grade II is the most common of the three classifications and is the most likely grade given to a home.

Listed Buildings and Structures Within Oadby

The following is a guide to the listed buildings within Oadby. Oadby has a number of Listed Buildings (listings) (20 in total) of various Grades. An exhaustive list of all the Listed Buildings and structures in Oadby, along with their address, is below.

Below is a list of listed buildings and structures (listings) within Oadby:

  • No. 21 Church Street: Grade II
  • Grange Cottage, Gartree Road: Grade II
  • Lodge Cottage, Gartree Road: Grade II
  • South Lodge, Gartree Road: Grade II
  • No. 1 Glebe Mount, Glebe Road: Grade II
  • The Knoll, Glebe Road: Grade II
  • Stables at the Knoll, Glebe Road: Grade II
  • No. 7 Glebe House, Glebe Road: Grade II
  • Oadby Grange Farmhouse (No. 113), Glen Road: Grade II
  • Church of St Peter, London Road: Grade II*
  • The War Memorial, London Road: Grade II
  • No. 53 London Road, London Road: Grade II
  • No. 67 London Road: Grade II
  • Nos. 44, 46, 48 London Road: Grade II
  • Hastings House, Stoughton Drive South: Grade II
  • Lodge to Hastings House, Stoughton Drive South: Grade II
  • Beaumont Hall, Stoughton Drive South: Grade II
  • Lodge to Beaumont Hall, Stoughton Drive South: Grade II
  • The Nook, Wigston Road: Grade II
  • Telephone kiosk adjoining the Church, Wigston Road: Grade II

Listed Buildings and Structures within Wigston and Kilby Bridge

This page provides information on the different types of grades for listed buildings and information on the specific listed buildings and structures that are situated within Wigston and South Wigston.

Wigston and South Wigston has a number of listed buildings (17 in total) of various different grades. An exhaustive list of all the listed buildings and structures in Wigston and South Wigston, along with their address can be found below.

  • The Church of St Thomas, Blaby Road; Grade II*
  • St Thomas's Vicarage, Blaby Road; Grade II
  • No. 86 Bull Head Street; Grade II
  • Nos. 42 and 44 Bushloe End; Grade II*
  • Workshop to the rear of No. 44 Bushloe End; Grade II*
  • Avenue House, No. 1 Central Avenue; Grade II
  • Church of St Wistan, Church Nook; Grade II
  • The Grange, Leicester Road; Grade II
  • No. 34 Long Street; Grade II
  • United Reform Church and boundary railings, Long Street; Grade II
  • Church of All Saints, Moat Street; Grade I
  • No. 2 Newgate End; Grade II
  • Yew Tree House, No. 3 Newgate End; Grade II
  • 10 Newgate End; Grade II
  • The Manor House, boundary wall and gate piers, Newgate End; Grade II
  • Nos. 7 and 9 Spa Lane; Grade II
  • Bushloe House (Council Offices), Station Road; Grade II

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