This page contains information on the Oadby North Memorial Homes and Framework Knitters Cottages conservation area.

Oadby North Memorial Homes and Framework Knitters Cottages Conservation Area was first designated in 1988. These two groups of properties each form a compact, easily identifiable enclave on opposite sides of Stoughton Road, about 140 metres north of its junction with New Street. Both schemes represent an attempt to create a community with dwellings and a meeting hall laid out around an open space. While the individual buildings are well designed, these homes have a group value and are examples of early twentieth-century town planning.

North Memorial and Framework Knitters Conservation Area Map (PDF Document, 225.76 Kb)

The conservation area comprises two sets of well maintained 'open plan' almshouses which sit opposite each other, east and west of Stoughton Drive. Both sets were built in the early twentieth century of red brick with clay-tiled roofs, set within attractive well kept grounds and accessed from through private gateways.

The Framework Knitters Cottages are all single storey. The earliest cottages date from 1909; more recently built cottages stand to the south of the site and effectively create informal courts. The general forms of the cottages are similar, with hipped roofs and tile-hung gables.

The cottages were built as pairs or small groups of three. Two communal buildings, Corah Hall and Corah House face each other across a green. The former is part of the original foundation and is designed to be a feature building; the latter is modern and takes the general form of the cottages.

The North Memorial Homes are all two-storey pairs split horizontally as well as vertically. They are quite formally arranged around the central gardens and are well screened from Stoughton Drive. All the houses were built in 1927 and at first, sight is virtually identical. Closer inspection reveals that there are two predominant building types, with only one pair, which is effectively the focus of the main view east, being a slight variation. All the pairs have sweeping roofs with central chimney stacks, verandahs, gables (some hipped) and some have hipped roof dormers.

The former Memorial Hall, which occupies a quite grand setting on the western boundary, is now the Evangelical Church and is in a restrained Neo Georgian style as opposed to the Vernacular Revival style of the cottages.

Conservation Area Appraisal

The North Memorial and Framework Knitters Conservation Area Appraisal was subject to public consultation from Monday 24th September 2007 to Monday 22nd October 2007. After considering representations received during the consultation period, the decision was made on Tuesday 11th December 2007, to adopt the appraisal and amend the Conservation Area boundary, which took effect on Monday 14th January 2008.

The appraisal reassesses the character of the area and notes any changes which may have occurred since its designation, such as new development, and changes to specific buildings or streetscapes.

Boundary Amendments

Due to the Conservation Area boundary amendment, the following properties have been excluded from the original boundary: 5 to 13 (odd numbers only) Dogwood Close.

North Memorial and Framework Knitter Conservation Area Appraisal (Low Resolution) (PDF Document, 67.64 Kb)

Report on Consultation

The report of consultation describes the process in which the public consultation went through and summarises the representations made and sets out responses to these.

North Memorial and Framework Knitters Conservation Area Report of Consultation (PDF Document, 831.15 Kb)

Conservation Areas Supplementary Planning Document

The Conservation Areas Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides policy guidance to ensure that the character and appearance of Borough Conservation Areas are maintained through effective management.

Please note, on the 16th April 2019 the Council resolved to adopt a revised Conservation Areas SPD. Links to the most up to date document are contained below.

Conservation Areas SPD 2019 (PDF Document, 4.05 Mb)

Conservation Areas SPD Consultation Statement 2018

SCI and SPD Adoption Statement 2019

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