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Open Space Sport Recreation Facilities Study

This page explains and provides links to the Open Space Sport and Recreation Facilities Study.

Glen Gorse Golf ClubThe overall aim of this study is to undertake research, analyse and present conclusions meeting the requirements of Planning Policy Guidance Note 17: Planning for Open Space, Sport and Recreation (PPG17), which therefore includes:

  • An audit of the Borough's open space and sports and recreation facilities,including an assessment of the current quality of open space, using appropriate guidance within PPG17.
  • Assessment of the local communities' current and future provision and requirements in respect of quality, quantity, and access.
  • The mapping of all relevant open space using Geographical Information Systems (GIS), with different types of site clearly identified.
  • The development of recommended local standards for the planning of new and improved open space in the Borough.

Open Space, Sport and Recreation Facilities Study Part 1 (PDF Document, 980.62 Kb)
Open Space, Sport and Recreation Facilities Study Part 2 (PDF Document, 884.13 Kb)

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