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Performance and monitoring

It is important that we monitor, record and report on performance in order to demonstrate that we are achieving our priorities. We are committed to continuously improving performance in key priority areas.

Below are our Performance Reports for 2018 which detail the Council's key performance indicators (KPIs) by calendar month. This is across the full range of our services and also includes data on our overall staff turnover and sickness.

Please click here to view 2017's Performance Reports

For a more detailed description about what each KPI indicator actually measures, please click:

KPI - Long Descriptors (PDF Document, 45.28 Kb)

For any further information regarding Council performance, please email:

Equality Monitoring

The Equality Act 2010 requires the Council to publish the diversity Data on the Council’s website each year.

This is published in the form of a snapshot of the Council's workforce as of October of every year.

To view the data please click on bellow:

Equality Statistics 2017 (PDF Document, 117.55 Kb)

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