As a local authority, our job is to deliver services to the public. We want to do our job well and be an excellent council. To help make this happen we regularly monitor how well we’re doing.

This helps us to:

  • Focus on the council's priorities
  • Delivery our corporate plan
  • Improving services and measures progress
  • Identify and tackle poor performance
  • Be accountable to our customers
  • Help to ensure we provide value for money

Highlights from recent performance reports

A graphic showing highlights from September's and October's performance reportsText reads, 98% - The overall customer satisfaction score received by Customer Services through their surveys in September. 12 days - The average processing time for benefits claims in September, reduced from 21 days in August. 2 days - The average time it took Emergency Repairs to complete follow-up work in October, reduced from four days in September. 12 days - The turnaround time for assisted collection by the Waste Collection crew in October, reduced from the standard 28 days

Our most recent performance reports

Performance Report October 2022 (Word Document, 305.53 Kb)

Performance Report September 2022 (Word Document, 304.7 Kb)

Performance Report August 2022 (Word Document, 285.73 Kb)

Last updated: Monday, 21 November 2022 10:20 am