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Street cleaning

This pages provides information on street cleaning, litter collection and the role of environmental wardens. It has links to dog fouling, graffiti, bin emptying, fly tipping, fly posting and bin replacement information.

Street cleaningPathway Sweeper

Our street cleaning team are responsible for keeping the borough clean with their road sweepers, footpath and alley sweepers, litter pickers, mowers, brooms and brushes.

All streets in the borough are swept at least once every eight weeks. Town centres, areas around schools and other hot spots are swept daily.

Report a cleansing issue

Litter collection

There is a cleaning operative based in each of the three town centres working from Tuesday to Saturday to keep the town centres free from litter. Litter is unsightly and can quickly build up if not removed.

Environmental wardens

Environmental wardens are a group of volunteers who take responsibility of looking after an area of the borough. This could be as small as the pavement of the street in front of their house. Larger areas include an open space, a row of shops or even the roads near a school. Read more about environmental wardens.

Complete the form to report issues such as fly tipping, litter, dog mess, graffiti, animal carcass on public highways and any other street cleaning incidents.

Road and street gritting

Our Road and Street Gritting (PDF Document, 7.21 Kb) list provides the location of where we grit during frost, snow and ice conditions to keep them as safe to use as possible.

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