Adopted Policies Map 2013 (PDF Document, 11.87 Mb)

Adopted South Wigston LDO (PDF Document, 1.36 Mb)

Adopted South Wigston LDO Design Guidance (PDF Document, 3.23 Mb)

Adopted Wigston LDO (PDF Document, 1.43 Mb)

Adopted Wigston LDO Design Guidance (PDF Document, 4.03 Mb)

Closure Plan - Albion Street, Wigston (PDF Document, 1.37 Mb)

Closure plan - Aylestone Lane, Wigston (PDF Document, 3.97 Mb)

Closure Plan - Stoughton Road, Oadby (PDF Document, 3.51 Mb)

Diversion Plan - Aylestone Lane, Wigston (PDF Document, 3.9 Mb)

DPPO Fludes Lane (PDF Document, 428.41 Kb)

Hairdresser Application Form (PDF Document, 222.52 Kb)

HMO Public Register (Excel Spreadsheet, 12.82 Kb)

Letter to Nick Rushton (PDF Document, 96.85 Kb)

Luande Primary School - consultation plan (PDF Document, 611.81 Kb)

Mandatory School Keep Clear - Amends(i) (Word Document, 40.5 Kb)

Mandatory School Keep Clear - Amends(ii) (PDF Document, 849.91 Kb)

NNDR List (Excel Spreadsheet, 248.48 Kb)

Plan of Proposed Waiting Restrictions and One-Way Amendments (PDF Document, 549.45 Kb)

Proposed Notice - Coombe Rise, Ridgeway, Howdon Road and Briar Meads Area (PDF Document, 440.26 Kb)

Residential Land Availability Report 2013 - 2014 (PDF Document, 1.26 Mb)

Selective Licensing An Introduction (PDF Document, 460.59 Kb)

Sources of Property-Based Information (Sept 2022) (PDF Document, 149.15 Kb)

Statement of reasons (Word Document, 26.5 Kb)

Telecommunications Register for Oadby and Wigston (PDF Document, 105.93 Kb)

Welfare Funeral Spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet, 16.84 Kb)

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