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Recycling history

This page highlights the history of recycling in the borough. The page outlines the key years when different types of materials were introduced to the recycling service.

The early yearsRecycle Now Logo

Recycling skips for recycling glass and paper first appeared in the borough in 1990. In 1992, a green bag scheme was implemented for the collection and recycling of cans, plastic bottles and paper. The service ran on a fortnightly basis.

Since its introduction, the service has expanded and now enables residents to recycle a number of different items.


A bid for the National Recycling and Waste Minimisation Fund was placed in September 2002. We were awarded the fund and thus the service was changed to a weekly collection in 2003. Brown bags were also introduced to collect cardboard. A garden waste collection system was trialled in some areas of the borough.

2004Bottle Bank

A kerbside glass collection system was trialled. Mobile bottle banks were placed in areas where the kerbside glass system did not exist. The garden waste service was expanded further into the borough.


The kerbside glass collection system became permanent and was expanded to other areas in the borough. The garden waste collection system also became permanent and introduced to the entire borough. Additional bottle banks were sited in the borough. Aluminium foil collection banks were also introduced in the borough.


Additional items were introduced to the brown recycling bags. The green and brown bag contents were changed.

The green bags should be used for cans and plastic bottles only. The brown bags should only be used for paper, cardboard, magazines, newspapers, telephone directories, catalogues and envelopes.


Recycling of drink cartons at the local recycling sites was introduced. The service became very popular.


The kerbside recycling services was extended to accept drink cartons, aluminium foil and take away containers, aerosol cans and plastics that were previously not recyclable such as yogurt and margarine tubs.

A kerbside textile and clothing collection service was also introduced in early 2011. Such materials can be placed in a brown bag for collection.

Cooking oil in glass box


A kerbside collection of cooking oil and fats was introduced.

Any unwanted cooking oil and fats from deep fat fryers, grills, frying pans and baking trays can be poured into a plastic screw-top bottle and placed on top with the glass bottles and jars in the glass box for collection.


A new weekly food waste collection was introduced in trial areas. An indoor food caddy, an outdoor food waste container and compostable liners were provided to enable residents to separate their food waste easily from the rest of their waste.

Please visit the household waste collection page for more information on recycling other types of waste.

2015 Boy with compost bin

Wheeled bins was introduced for garden waste collections. Residents were given a choice of having their garden waste collected either in up to four garden waste bags or a 240 litre or 140 litre wheeled bin. Over 13,000 requests were received from householders for wheeled bins.

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