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Registering to Vote

How do I register to vote?

You can register online at:

Prior to June 2014, the ‘head of every household’ could register everyone who lived at an address. However, the process has now changed, everyone is now responsible for registering themselves on the Electoral Register.

Individual Electoral Registration (IER) was introduced by the Government in June 2014 to make the process more secure. Under IER each person is now required to register to vote individually, rather than by household.

Under IER you need to provide 'identifying information', such as your date of birth and national insurance number when applying to register. Your application will need to be verified with Government records before you are added to the register. If your details are not matched then you may be asked to provide an alternative form of evidence to prove your identity (for example a Passport, Photo Driving Licence, Biometric Residence Permit or National Identity Card). If you have the facility to scan documents, then we do accept a clear scanned copy and it must be emailed to

What if I can't find my National Insurance Number, or don't have one?

Your national insurance number can be found on:

  • a payslip,
  • a P45 or P60,
  • letters about tax or benefits,
  • official letters or e-mails from HM Revenue and Customs, or the Department for Work and Pensions

If you haven’t been given a national insurance number, you will need to provide a reason when applying. We will then contact you to provide evidence as to your identity.

Why should I register to vote?

  • Credit checks - credit referencing companies use the Register when checking if a person has a good credit rating. If you are not listed on the Register, you may have difficulty opening a bank account, applying for a loan, credit card or mortgage.
  • Jury Service - the Register of Electors is used to call people for Jury Service. There is evidence that fewer young people and people from ethnic minorities register to vote with the result that they are under-represented in the judicial system.
  • It's the law – you are at risk of an £80 fine if you fail to register.

I'm already registered - will I need to do anything?

You will only need to register again if you change address. You will receive the poll card before the next elections. You will also need to confirm (or amend ) the details of anyone registered at the property when we carry out the annual canvass. You can also add any new people who are eligible to register, including 16/17 year olds.

How can I find out if I'm registered to vote?

You can contact our Electoral Services Office at or call our helpline on 0116 288 8961.


What happens if my details change, including my address?

Who can register to vote?

Student registration

Anonymous registration

Overseas and Service voters

The electoral register

How do I vote?

Annual Canvass

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