All food businesses are required to register with the local authority 28 days before opening to trade and registration is free. This includes if you are taking over an existing business.

Register a food business

Food premises that need to register include market stalls, delivery vehicles and other moveable structures as well as food shops, manufacturers and processors. If you wish to operate a mobile food vehicle, you may need a street trading license before you can trade. Further details on Street Trading can be found here.

After you have registered you will be contacted by our Environmental Health Department to arrange an inspection. Once registered you can start trading.

You need to consider a number of requirements when setting up a food business. To ensure you are following this advice you can find more information on the Food Standards Agency website.

Public register

The council has to keep a register of all food premises and details of the address and the type of business carried on. This register is open for public inspection.

Last updated: Tuesday, 8 November 2022 12:37 pm