From 1st April 2002, all replacement glazing now falls within the control of the Building Regulations. Anyone who installs replacement windows or doors must comply with a number of requirements including:-

  1. structural stability,
  2. means of escape in case of fire,
  3. rates of ventilation,
  4. combustion air to fires and heating appliances,
  5. thermal performance,
  6. protection from falling,
  7. protection from impact and
  8. retention of accessible thresholds.

The Building Regulations have controlled glazing in new buildings and extensions for many years but this only represents a very small percentage of the countries total building stock. To meet increasingly demanding energy saving targets, it is essential to improve the performance of our existing buildings.

When you come to sell your property, solicitors now ask if any replacement glazing has been installed since 1st April 2002 to your property and they will ask for evidence that the installation complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations. For a domestic property, there are two ways to prove compliance:-

  1. a certificate showing that the work has been carried out by an installer who is registered on a competent person scheme or
  2. a completion certificate from the local authority stating that the requirements of the Building Regulations have been satisfied for the installation.

Do-it-yourself projects or installations carried out by a firm not registered on an appropriate competent person scheme must apply to the Council for approval under the Building Regulations. It is essential that you ensure that your installer is able to self certify. If not, either they or you will need to make an application to the Council via a building notice for approval under the Building Regulations, the fee payable with this application can be found under table B, items 10 and 11 of our scale of charges below.

Competent person schemes for existing dwellings

Below is a list of Competent Person Schemes for domestic replacement glazing works, contact information for the schemes can be found of the web site of the Department of Communities and Local Government, existing competent person schemes page.

  1. BM TRADA (BM Trada Certification Limited),

  2. BSI (British Standards Institution),

  3. CERTASS (CERTASS Limited),

  4. FENSA (Fensa Limited), or

  5. NETWORK VEKA (Network VEKA Limited).

Fee Table B (Domestic Works) (PDF Document, 124.66 Kb)

Building Notice (PDF Document, 264.54 Kb)

Non-domestic properties

As of the 15th July 2011, the current Competent Persons Schemes (CPS) are to be extended which introduces a new category of work covered for the replacement of windows, roof lights or doors in existing non-domestic buildings. However, there are some exceptions to this. These are;

  • any glass which is load-bearing,
  • structural glass,
  • display windows,
  • glazed curtain walling, and
  • revolving glass doors.

Where any of the above work is to be carried or replacement windows, doors, or roof lights are to be fitted in non-domestic premises by a person not registered on a valid CPS an application must be made via a full plans submission. This incorporates full details and plans of the window, door or roof-light locations, specifications of the replacement window and any affects on existing means of escape provisions. The fees applicable to non-domestic window replacements can be found in table C, items 1 and 2 of our scale of charges below.

Fee Table C (Non-Domestic Works) (PDF Document, 28.68 Kb)

Full Plans Application Form (PDF Document, 259.95 Kb)

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