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Report a Street Cleaning Issue

This page gives information on graffiti, dog fouling, bin emptying, fly tipping, fly posting and bin replacement and how to report these issues.

Report a cleaning issue

Graffiti Grafitti

We are responsible for removing graffiti from public buildings, street furniture or monuments.

Telephone boxes, bus shelters and electricity boxes are the responsibility of the company that placed them there. However, we do have the power to issue a 'defacement removal notice' to the property owner which requires them to remove the graffiti within 28 days. If they fail to do so, we can do the work ourselves and recover the costs.

We cannot remove graffiti from private households and other private property without the owner's permission and a disclaimer being signed. A charge will be made for this service.

You can report instances of graffiti on public property. If you notice racist, political or obscene graffiti on private property then we will remove this with the permission of the property owner.

To notify us about graffiti please contact us and we will undertake to remove the offending material as soon as possible.

Report graffiti

Dog fouling

There are over 170 dog bins in the Borough which are emptied at least twice a week. If you see dog fouling you can report it by completing the online form.

Report dog fouling

Litter bin emptying Litter

There are over 300 litter bins in the Borough all emptied at least twice weekly. Some are emptied three times per week and others daily. The emptying schedules are monitored on a regular basis and modified according to usage. Litter bins are replaced on a rolling program.

Fly tipping

Fly tipped bags left on the street can be torn open by animals or birds, leading to litter and dirt being spread around. If you see it, report it to us and we will investigate all cases of fly tipping.

Report fly tipping

Fly posting

Fly posting is illegal and contravenes the Highways Act 1980 and the Leicestershire Act 1985. If you see instances of fly posting please report them and we will take the necessary action. This includes the removal of the fly posters or writing to persistent offenders, followed by possible prosecution.

Report fly posting

Syringes and needles

Needles, syringes and other drug related items are sometimes discarded in the environment. There are a number of health and safety issues associated with handling of such items and if discovered, you should contact us to have them safely removed and disposed of.

If you find a needle or syringe in a public area you can report it online. Arrangements will be made for collection and disposal.

Outside of the Council's normal working hours, to report a discarded needle or syringe please contact our emergency out of hours service.

Report syringes and needles

Please note that sharps and syringes found on educational premises such as schools, during working hours, should be reported immediately to the premises officer or administration office. They can arrange for safe collection and disposal.

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