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Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

Review of polling districts and polling places in Oadby & Wigston

The reason for a review

Under the Representation of the People Act 1983, the Council has a duty to divide the borough into polling districts and to designate a polling place for each district. It also has to keep these arrangements under review.

The arrangements made for parliamentary elections are also used at other elections.

The Council has powers to change polling places and polling district boundaries, but not Ward boundaries.

How the review is conducted

In general terms, the Council announces that a review is to take place. The Council consults the Returning Officer, who makes representations on existing and proposed polling arrangements. The Council publishes the Returning Officer’s proposals and invites comments. These are considered before final decisions are made.

The consultation must actively seek comments from people who have particular expertise in relation to access to premises or facilities for persons who have different forms of disability.

Any elector may make representations. Although not specifically required in law, the consultation will include local political parties and elected representatives.

The role of the Electoral Commission

The Commission has no role in the review process itself. However, it can consider comments if people do not think the review has met the reasonable requirements of electors or taken sufficient account of the needs of disabled electors.

The following people can “appeal” to The Commission:

  • 30 or more registered electors.
  • any person who made comments during the review.
  • any non-elector who has expertise in access to premises or facilities for disabled people.

As a result, the Commission may direct the Council to alter polling arrangements arising from the review, and can make these alterations itself if the Council does not do so within two months.

Timetable for this review

Notice of start of review 4 December 2013

Publication of the Returning Officer’s proposals 5 December 2013

Comments from consultation to be received by 23 January 2014

Report to Council meeting on 25 February 2014

Making comments

The Returning Officer is proposing to keep the existing polling arrangements and to make minimal changes only where circumstances require.

However, if someone wishes to make major alterations, they should contact Electoral Services as soon as possible, in order to allow for further and wider consultation.

Comments do not have to be restricted to alternative proposals; comments that support the Returning Officer’s proposals are welcome in order to receive a balance of opinions.

Comments should be made in writing to:

Electoral and Democratic Services Officer

Electoral Services

Council Offices

Station Road


LE18 2DR

Throughout the review, all correspondence will be available for public inspection at the Council Offices. All items will be published when the review has been completed.

Returning officers proposals

Returning Officer's Proposals (PDF Document, 48.7 Kb)

Polling district maps

Oadby St Peters

Polling District A (PDF Document, 589.86 Kb)

Polling District B (PDF Document, 739.86 Kb)

Oadby Grange

Polling District C (PDF Document, 841.83 Kb)

Polling District D (PDF Document, 530.37 Kb)

Oadby Uplands

Polling District E (PDF Document, 975.87 Kb)

Oadby Woodlands

Polling District F (PDF Document, 944.01 Kb)

Oadby Brocks Hill

Polling District G (PDF Document, 921.41 Kb)

Wigston St Wolstans

Polling District H (PDF Document, 779.13 Kb)

Polling District I (PDF Document, 742.92 Kb)

Polling District J (PDF Document, 562.1 Kb)

Wigston Meadowcourt

Polling District K (PDF Document, 967.67 Kb)

Polling District L (PDF Document, 996.19 Kb)

Wigston All Saints

Polling District M (PDF Document, 990.64 Kb)

Polling District N (PDF Document, 894.2 Kb)

Wigston Fields

Polling District O (PDF Document, 844.65 Kb)

Polling District P (PDF Document, 767.08 Kb)

South Wigston

Polling District Q (PDF Document, 539.26 Kb)

Polling District R (PDF Document, 1.05 Mb)

Polling District S (PDF Document, 850.8 Kb)

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