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Saved Local Plan

This page provides information about the saved Oadby and Wigston Local Plan and sets out planning policies and proposals for how land within the Borough is used and developed. The recent changes in Government planning policy requires all Local Authorities to create a suite of documents that combined make up a new Local Plan. The Oadby and Wigston new Local Plan is currently being prepared.

The Saved (original) Local Plan

The Saved Oadby and Wigston Local Plan contains existing policies and guidance on development within the Borough, including the locations for new housing and employment; our designated conservation areas; and areas of ecological and archaeological importance.

Oadby and Wigston Saved Local Plan

Adopted Policies Map 2013 (PDF Document, 11.7 Mb)
Saved Local Plan (September 2013) (PDF Document, 1 Mb)
Local Plan 2010 (PDF Document, 1.36 Mb)
Oadby and Wigston Adopted Local Plan 1999 (PDF Document, 1.33 Mb)
Proposals Map (High Resolution) (PDF Document, 1.07 Mb)
Oadby Town Centre Map (PDF Document, 938.67 Kb)
Wigston Town Centre Map (PDF Document, 777.24 Kb)
South Wigston Town Centre Map (PDF Document, 420.24 Kb)

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