Irrespective of the type of Building Regulation application made, building work must be inspected during its progress and sufficient notice must be given to enable the building control surveyor to arrange site visits.

Before works commence you or your builder are advised to check for any conditions that may have been set out on your Building Regulation approval - it is important to avoid future problems that all the conditions (where applicable) are complied with.

Site inspections

Building Control carries out site inspections to determine whether building works that are being undertaken to comply with the requirements of Building Regulations.

Please note - you must have submitted an application to building control before an inspection can be carried out. Please ensure you have your reference number available when requestion and inspection or notifying us of the commencement of work.

Request a building control inspection

The number and nature of the site inspections vary according to the type of works being undertaken.

48 hours before work is due to start Building Control must be given written notification. This can be done by using the commencement notice provided with your approval or attached to the building notice acknowledgement or by completing the online form.

Notify us of commencement of work

Please be aware that if you have not obtained approval where the 'full plan' application option is followed, any works commenced will continue at your own risk until approval is granted and any works found to be wrong on the plan examination and carried out on site will have to be corrected.

A building control surveyor will visit once you have notified us that the works have started and where necessary discuss the further inspections that will have to be made. It is you or your builder's responsibility to notify us once those stages are reached to enable an inspection to be carried out.

Within your full plans decision pack, or with your application acknowledgement in the case of a building notice or regularisation application, you will find an inspection schedule which indicates the inspections that we anticipate will need to be undertaken during the course of your building work.

Inspections requested before 10:00 a.m. any weekday will in normal circumstances (if required) be carried out on the same day of the request.

After the commencement inspection, you will be invoiced directly for a one-off inspection charge as laid out in our schedule of charges. This covers all further inspections made during building work (note- some works are not subject to this charge as it will have been paid with the application submission).

For an individually tailored quotation please contact us on Leicester (0116) 257 2657 or by emailing

You can pay your inspection fee using one of the following methods:-

  • by cheque (please enclose the remittance slip at the bottom of your invoice),
  • by debit or credit card via telephone on (0116) 2888 961, or
  • by using our online payment facility.

Types of inspection

For most domestic extensions the following inspections are normally made:-

Inspection Comments
Commencement This first inspection allows you to meet and discuss your proposals and the next course of action with your building control surveyor. Particularly important for Building Notice applications where no plans have been submitted for approval.
Foundations Allows ground conditions to be checked to ensure that the foundations are sufficient to carry the load of your proposals. This inspection must take place before the foundation concrete is poured.
Oversite materials An inspection will be made before floor areas are covered to ensure materials over the site are suitable.
Damp-proof courses and membranes Wall damp-proof courses, floor damp proof membranes and methane barriers are to be inspected prior to covering with brickwork or concrete.
Drainage alignment and falls All new drainage is inspected for alignment prior to covering over and to ensure adequate access and fall is provided.
Support works Allows for the inspection of any structural support works prior to covering over, such as steel or timber beams.
Floor joists or beams Any new or altered floor joists or beams are to be inspected prior to covering up.
Roof structure Allows for the inspection of any roof structures prior to covering up.
Insulation Once insulations have been installed prior to covering over.
Pre-plaster Allows for the inspection of hidden work and is to be carried out prior to surfaces being plasterboarded.
Drain test Wherever possible the new drainage systems should have a water test carried out on them to check for performance and water tightness.
Prior to occupation If you intend to occupy the building prior to completion of the full works, we need to carry out an inspection before occupation.
Completion Give building control surveyors notification immediately the works are completed to allow this inspection to be carried out. If everything is found to be satisfactory a completion certificate will be issued.

Please be aware that the inspections, which Building Control undertake should not be confused with full site supervision. For further advice on on-site supervision services, you should contact your architect or builder.

The approval notice and completion certificate, which the Council issue is not a guarantee or warranty and the Council are not responsible for any economic loss due to defects of failure to meet the minimum requirements of the Building Regulations.

For commercial projects usually, the above inspections will be carried out where appropriate, additional inspections such as fire stopping and general construction may be undertaken depending on the scale and nature of the project.

Finally, upon completion, you must contact Building Control to arrange for a complete inspection. If the works are satisfactory a completion certificate is issued.

To arrange for a complete inspection, please contact Building Control during office hours on Leicester (0116) 257 2657.

Completion certificates

Providing that all conditions have been satisfied, each stage of inspection has been notified to the Council and the building control surveyor is satisfied that the work complies with the Building Regulations, a 'completion certificate' will be issued. This certificate is proof that the work complies with the Building Regulations and will be required for the sale of your property. Please note that there is a charge for this service.

Request a completion certificate/ history of works

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