Review of the Smoke Control Area in the Borough

What is a smoke control area?

A smoke control area is an area of land declared under an order to be smoke-free. This means that only authorised fuels can be burnt on fireplaces within the smoke control area.

A Smoke Control Area does not cover bonfires, barbeques or chimineas. These are permitted but must not cause a nuisance to neighbours or people in the locality.

Within the borough of Oadby and Wigston, there is one declared Smoke Control Area. It is located in Oadby and came into force on the 1 October 1974. The area of land covered by the order and a list of the streets and the numbers of houses can be seen in the related documents below.

The reason for the review

The current Smoke Control Area is not fit for purpose. The area controlled has changed in character since 1974 and the producers of smoke listed in the order have made changes to their processes or have moved away and therefore the order is unenforceable in part.

The current smoke control area

The current smoke control area covers several streets in Oadby Smoke Control Areas (List of Streets Included) (PDF Document, 18.69 Kb) Smoke Control Areas Map (PDF Document, 748.53 Kb) and prevents domestic premises from the burning of specific types of Coal where the fire is the only source of heating and there is no gas supply in the premises. Oadby Smoke Control Order (PDF Document, 369.38 Kb) also, specifies the lighting up times of a school and a factory within the smoke control area, both units have upgraded their systems.


The Council is currently consulting on the removal of the current smoke control area. The consultation review will be open for 8 weeks (9/7/18 - 3/9/18) Should you have any comments regarding the removal of the Smoke Control Area please contact

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