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Supplementary Planning Guidance

This page summarises and provides links to all of the Supplementary Planning Guidance that have been prepared by Oadby and Wigston Borough Council to assist in the submission of planning applications.South leicestershire college (1)

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) builds upon the policies in the Local Plan, and provides more detailed advice on particular topics or areas. Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, any new guidance of this type will be known as Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs). Our proposals for producing Supplementary Planning Documents are set out in the Local Development Scheme.

Conservation Area Guidelines

The Conservation Area Guidelines was superseded by the Conservation Areas Supplementary Planning Document in September 2008. For more information, see the following link - Conservation Areas Supplementary Planning Document.

Residential Development Guidelines

The Residential Development Guidelines was superseded by the Residential Development Supplementary Planning Document in November 2005.

Managing the Supply of New Housing Land Supplementary Planning Guidance

Oadby and Wigston Borough Council's Managing the Supply of New Housing Land Supplementary Planning Guidance, was revoked on 26th February 2010 and will no longer be taken account of during the planning application process.

Supplementary Planning Guidance for New Development

Supplementary Planning Guidance - Introduction (PDF Document, 63.34 Kb)
Landscape and Design Considerations for New Developments (PDF Document, 134.53 Kb)
Advertisements (PDF Document, 89.41 Kb)
Boundary Treatments (PDF Document, 99.83 Kb)
Industry and Employment (PDF Document, 127.19 Kb)
Premises Used for the Sale of Hot Food (PDF Document, 91.37 Kb)
Shop Fronts, Security Screens and Shutters (PDF Document, 92.64 Kb)
Parking and Servicing Provision (PDF Document, 70.69 Kb)
Appendix R1. Development Control Space Standards (PDF Document, 72.06 Kb)
Appendix 8. Highway Design Standards (PDF Document, 93.76 Kb)

Renewable Energy Supplementary Planning Guidance

Guidance on Renewable Energy within the Borough was formally adopted in July 2004. The document outlines what renewable energy should be factored in to any proposal for new development.

Renewable Energy Supplementary Planning Guidance (Pages 1 to 16) (PDF Document, 337.33 Kb)
Renewable Energy Supplementary Planning Guidance (Pages 17 to 33) (PDF Document, 286.86 Kb)

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