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Tenancy Agreement

This is the place where answers to Frequently Asked Questions around the proposed new tenancy agreement for Council Tenants will appear during the consultation period of December 2018 - January 2019

Consultation packs are now being distributed and include a preliminary notice of variation of the tenancy agreement. In the pack is a copy of the proposed new tenancy agreement, the existing tenancy agreement and a table showing the summary changes (printed on yellow paper).

I am a secure or introductory Council tenant - does this affect me?
If approved the changes being proposed will affect your tenancy agreement with the Council

I agree with the changes, do I need to do anything?
There’s nothing you need to do

I disagree with some or all of the changes, do I need to do anything?
Please do write to us outlining your concerns before the consultation deadline

Do I need to sign the tenancy agreement?
No signature is needed. In 2019 after the results of the consultation a revised tenancy agreement (and associated legal notice) will be issued which will take effect after the date specified in the legal notice. No new signature will be required.

Do I need to visit or call the Council to say that I have received the pack
This is not necessary

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