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Volunteering with the Tree Warden Scheme

This page provides information on how to become involved with the volunteer Tree Warden Scheme.

The Council's tree warden scheme is part of the wider Leicestershire Tree Warden Scheme.

Leicestershire County Council tree warden scheme

A tree warden at work in Brocks Hill Country Park, OadbyWhilst the majority of Leicestershire tree wardens are linked to parishes, Oadby and Wigston Borough Council's tree wardens have their own individual wards throughout the borough. At the moment there are some wards which are not covered and which are being looked after by the tree warden in the adjacent ward. So if anyone is interested in becoming a tree warden please see contact details.

Tree wardens are offered support and training through the Leicestershire County Council's tree warden scheme and all new volunteers are encouraged to attend the introduction course which provides information on tree preservation orders and conservation areas. There is also plenty of support offered by other wardens within the group.

A tree warden is a person who has a keen interest in all things tree related but who does not have to currently have a great knowledge about trees. They may be asked to promote events and information to the public to increase awareness and respect for trees. Tree wardens assist the Council with annual events such as National Tree Week which is held across the Borough. Tree wardens can also be informed when a planning application for works to be done to trees is submitted to the planning department, so that they can comment on the work that is being proposed. This ensures that, if work is being done in their area, they are aware whether this has been done with permission from the planning section.

The Council offers support to and works in partnership with the tree warden scheme to promote trees throughout the borough. Regular meetings are held. If you think you may like to become a tree warden, you are welcome to attend one of the meetings to get a feel for the type of work and level of interest within the borough. Alternatively, click here to contact the team at Brocks Hill Country Park and talk to them informally about what is involved.

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