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Watch your step - slips and trips in the workplace

This page provides information about accidents involving slips or trips in the workplace and how they can be prevented.

The most common cause of injuries in UK workplaces is when someone slips or trips at work.

Each year slips and trips cause over 11,000 major injuries, over 80 per cent of which result in fractures. Over 90 per cent of those injured are absent from work for at least one week.

How to prevent slips and trips at work

There are five simple things you need to do to prevent slips and trips at work:

  • assess the risks from slips and trips around the workplace,
  • prioritise - first sort out areas where people are more at risk,
  • choose sensible solutions - they are often simple,
  • keep floors dry and free from obstacles and
  • train and allow your workers to recognise risks and take action.

Some of the typical causes of slips and trips are:

  • leaks and spillages of wet and dry substances cause over 10 per cent of major injuries,
  • damaged and uneven surfaces - floors, pavements, steps and stairs and
  • poor housekeeping leading to trips over materials, cables, products, furniture and so on.

If you would like more advice on actions to reduce the risks of slip and trip accidents, contact us using the details in the panel on the right.

Preventing slips and trips at work

For more information about slips and trips, click on the link below

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