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Wind and Solar Power Generator Installations

Solar Photovoltaic Pv PanelsThis page contains information on wind and solar power generators in relation to Building Regulations requirements, with external links to grant funding and further information on renewable energy sources.

The installation of wind turbines, photovoltaic panels or any device generating electricity which connects with a domestic electrical installation, is required to comply with the provisions of Part P (electrical safety in dwellings) of the Building Regulations, to ensure the electrical safety of the installation.

Domestic Wind TurbineFurthermore the installation of any type of device, which would materially affect the loading of a building, is covered by requirements under Part A (structure) of the Building Regulations. This is to establish that the buildings structural integrity is not compromised by the new installation.

Work that is carried out by an organisation registered on a competent persons scheme appropriate to the type of installation recognised by the Secretary of State for the Department of Local Government and Communities, confirms compliance with the Building Regulations. Notification of this is provided to the Local Authority by the operators of the scheme.

Solar HeatingIn all other cases the appropriate Building Notice or Full Plans Submission is to be made under the Building Regulations.

Further information on low carbon buildings and grant funding may be found on the following external web sites:-

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