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Alcohol and entertainment licensing

The Licensing Act 2003 regulated the following activities:-

  • the supply of alcohol
  • the provision of regulated entertainment and
  • the provision of late night refreshment.

Statement of licensing policy - consultation

The Council are currently reviewing its Statement of Licensing Policy and would like to recieve feedback from all its residents, licence holders and any other interested parties.

If you wish to let us know your thoughts on our Policy please complete this questionaire.

2014 questionnaire - licensing policy (Word Document, 166.5 Kb)

The current statement of Licensing Policy is below.

The Consultation closed on Friday 18th July 2014.

Current statement of licensing policy

As of 13th December 2010 the Council adopted a revised Statement of Licensing Policy. This came into effect on 1st January 2011 and remained in effect until 7th January 2014. The policy can be viewed below.

Licensable activities under the licensing act 2003

Supply of alcohol

You need a licence to sell alcohol, including in wholesale quantities, to the public or supply alcohol to members of a club.

Regulated entertainment

You need a licence for the following activities, if carried out in front of an audience:-

  1. performance of a play,
  2. exhibition of a film,
  3. an indoor sporting event,
  4. boxing or wrestling entertainment,
  5. performance of live music,
  6. playing of recorded music.

The provision of facilities for these activities is also licensable.

Late night refreshment

You need a licence to provide hot food or hot drink between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

If you are still unsure whether or not you need a licence, require further information, or wish to make an application, please contact us.

To apply for a licence online please visit the premises licence page.

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