Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

We will provide support and assistance to residents who are victims of anti-social behaviour (ASB) and where necessary take appropriate actions in conjunction with other agencies, including the police. We work closely with partners to tackle ASB and as such we will share relevant and appropriate information.

What is ASB?

ASB is behaviour which has caused or is likely to cause you harassment, alarm or distress’ and may include:

  • hate crimes and hate incidents
  • abusive language or behaviour
  • drug use or drug dealing.

Report ASB

In the event of an emergency, please do not use online reporting and instead dial 999.

To report non-urgent crimes or offences, contact Leicestershire Police by either dialling 101 or making an online report.

We will not investigate the below matters:

  • actions that we are likely to consider to be normal everyday activities or household noise
  • actions which amount to people generally being unpleasant to each other
  • legally parked vehicles
  • children playing ball games unless the children are also engaged in associated ASB.

If you are reporting noise nuisance please visit our dedicated webpage

If you are reporting environmental crime, such as fly-tipping, please visit our dedicated webpage

Before you report ASB, you can try and resolve the situation yourself. In most cases, it is a good idea to attempt to speak to the person or people who are causing the problem. This usually resolves the matter quickly and is a better long-term solution.

If you are not able to resolve the situation this way, please either contact our Customer Service Department on 0116 2888 961 or complete the online form below.

You can report ASB to the council here

ASB Case Review (formally known as a Community Trigger)

An ASB Case Review is a process which allows victims and communities the right to request a review of an ongoing anti-social behaviour or hate incident that you believe has not been adequately dealt with.

It is designed to ensure that the police, council and other relevant organisations work together to try and resolve any complaints about anti-social behaviour by talking about the problem, sharing information and using resources to try to reach an agreeable outcome.

Learn more about the Community Trigger process

Community Safety Partnership

The Community Safety Partnership is made up of a number of agencies, all working together to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the Borough. These are made up of statutory and non-statutory partners.

The primary purpose of the Partnership is to make the Borough a safer place to live, work, school in, and visit. Everyone has a right to feel safe as they go about their daily lives and this can be achieved by all of us playing our part in tackling issues of crime and disorder.

Learn more about the Community Safety Partnership

ASB Service Standards

You can view the counci's performance when investigating ASB cases on our performance webpage.

This includes how long it has taken for the council to contact an individual reporting ASB, the average update time with open cases and overall customer satisfaction.

Last updated: Thursday, 21 December 2023 2:45 pm