We are moving away from the current rolling subscriptions to an annual renewal period where everyone will have the same expiry date of March 2022.

For those residents who have already renewed in January and February you will be receiving a further letter explaining the reason for the increase.

For all other residents you will receive a letter approximately 6 weeks before your garden waste sticker expires to explain how you can renew your garden waste.

Please note new subscription fee for 2021/22: our subscription fee has increased in 2021/2022 from £40.00 to £50.00. Additional bin charges remain at £25.00 per extra bin.

Anyone renewing from 1st February 2021 onwards will be charged the 2020/21 £50.00 fee.

Returning subscribers to the Garden Waste Service

Click on the below button where you will be asked a few simple questions and guided through the online process.

Renew your garden waste service subscription

Once you renew your subscription you will receive your new permit within 10 working days.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Garden Waste Permits could take up to 3 weeks to arrive. Please be aware of this when signing up /renewing your subscription.

As soon as you receive your new permit you can stick it on your bin, you don’t need to wait until the current permit expires. Please remove the old permit (as best you can) and stick your new permit in its place.

If you do not renew your subscription at least 15 days before the expiry date of your current
Subscription, your garden waste will not be collected. We recommend that you sign up in advance so that you do not see a break in your collections.

If you do not want to renew your subscription please contact customer services so we can arrange
collection of your bin.

Alternatively, you can renew by:

  • Contacting the Council’s Customer Service Team 0116 288 8961

New customers to the Garden Waste Service

Residents who wish to have their garden waste collected are asked to pay £50 per year. For households that require more than one bin, there will be a supplementary charge of £25 per additional bin. The current service level is being enhanced, with a fortnightly collection all year round.

Click on the below button where you will be asked a few simple questions and guided through the online process.

Subscribe to the garden waste service

Alternatively, you can subscribe by:

  • Contacting the Council’s Customer Service Team 0116 288 8961

To request a Garden Waste Calendar, containing the dates of your fortnightly collections, please complete the form below. The calendar can be sent to you either in the post or via email.

Request a garden waste calendar

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can anyone use the service?

This service is for householders, not businesses. All residential premises and properties within the Borough assessed as suitable will be eligible for the service.

Do I have to join?

No, the service is entirely optional. If you do not join the scheme, the Council will not collect your garden waste if it is left out for collection after 1 April 2018. If you do not wish to join the scheme or have a large amount of garden waste you can take it to the local Recycling Household Waste Site on Wigston Road, Oadby LE2 5JE. Alternatively, you could try home composting, see our Home Composting page for more information.

How much does it cost to have my garden waste collected?

The charge for the service is £50 per year. You can have 1 x 240-litre bin or up to 2 x 140-litre bins for this charge. If you just have 1 x 140-litre bin the charge will still be £50 per year. If you want additional bins they will be charged at £25 per year.

How can I pay?

Payment involves one single payment for the full amount which has to be paid at the time the subscription is applied for. Payment can be made by debit or credit card. There will be no option to pay by instalments.

How will you know who has paid?

If you have paid for your garden waste to be collected you will be issued with an individual self-adhesive permit which you will need to stick onto the rear of the bin. The Council will keep records of who has paid and will only be collecting bins from those homes that have paid.

Can I use a different container for my garden waste?

No. Collections will only be made from the wheeled bin(s) supplied through the Council and displaying a valid self-adhesive permit.

I have a big garden, how many bins can I have?

There is no limit to the number of bins you can have but you will have to pay a subscription for each bin (unless you are opting to have 2 x 140-litre bins instead of 1 x 240-litre bin). Any additional bins of any size over and above 1 x 240 litre or 2 x 140-litre bins will attract an additional subscription charge of £25.

How often will my garden waste be collected?

We will collect your garden waste fortnightly all year round. You can find the exact dates of your collections by using the 'My Location' function on the home page of the website or by using this link .

Where can I get a copy of the full terms and conditions?

Copies of the full terms and conditions are available below.

What can be placed in the garden waste bin?


  • Grass cuttings
  • Hedge clippings
  • Twigs and small branches
  • Weeds with soil are shaken off
  • Flowers and plants
  • Leaves


  • Cardboard, paper or plastic of any description
  • Large quantities of soil
  • Bricks or rubble
  • Any household waste
  • Animal waste
  • Any food waste, including fallen fruit

Your wheeled bin has been left out for collection but has not been emptied

If your bin has not been emptied on the collection day and you are sure that there were no incorrect items within, please contact Customer Services on (0116) 288 8961.

How do I know when my Garden Waste permit will expire?

Your garden waste permit will expire at the end of the month displayed on their sticker.

Last updated: Monday, 19 July 2021 12:34 pm