Local u3as unite

Published: Tuesday, 19 March 2024

*Shared on behalf of the Great Glen Oadby & Wigston u3a

Logo of the u3a

Oadby & Wigston u3a is joining with neighbouring Great Glen u3a on 1 April, to form Great Glen Oadby & Wigston (GGOW) u3a.

U3as are voluntary self-help bodies run by those no longer in full-time work for those no longer in full-time work.

The newly formed GGOW u3a brings together some 400 members enjoying speaker meetings, outings, social events and around 40 interest groups pursuing a wide range of sporting, social, study and creative activities.

“It’s a great move,” says Peter Williams, Chair of Oadby & Wigston u3a. “We’re stronger together, with more financial security, a wider choice of venues, a broader offer to attract new members, and a bigger pool in which to find leaders for the future.”

For further details, you can visit the website at ggowu3a.co.uk