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Sponsorship at Brocks Hill

This page contains information about the current sponsorship opportunities in the Country Park.

There are a range of options if you would like to sponsor an item at Brocks Hill. Due to the locations of any sponsored item and the nature of the Country Park, we respectfully asked that the sponsored item itself serves as the memorial and that no items such as bouquets are placed by it or ashes scattered.

Memorial Bird Feeder

Memorial Tree in Brocks Hill Country Park

The Friends of Brocks Hill currently have a sponsorship opportunity for memorial leaves on the sculptured tree birdfeeder (next to the small children's enclosed play area). A form for this is available on the Friends of Brocks Hill page on this web site.

Click here to visit our Friends of Brocks Hill page

Sponsored Rose Bed

A new rose bed contains roses that have been, and can be, sponsored. The roses chosen are thornless, attract wildlife and have a strong scent. A form for this is available on the Friends of Brocks Hill page on this web site.

Click here to visit our Friends of Brocks Hill page


Tree sponsorship has helped build the Country Park that our visitors enjoy today. The Community Orchard, the Oak Avenue, the Winter Wood and the Aylward Arboretum have all been developed with the help of kind sponsors.

As the woodland areas develop we are currently carrying out thinning operations throughout winter to manage the woodland habitat, therefore we can no longer provide sponsorship for trees within the main body of the Country Park.

There is space in the Community Orchard for a limited number of fruit trees: for a cost of £100 an appropriate fruit tree of your choice can be planted and maintained. Due to seasonal requirements, memorial trees will be organised and planted in autumn/winter.

Developing wildlife habitats:Flowers and plants

Musk mallow at Brocks Hill Country Park and CentreThere are opportunities to support planting of native flowers and plants throughout the park. As our woodland habitats mature, one of the methods to increase biodiversity and create a natural woodland character will be to plant wildflowers such as bluebells, wood anemones and red campion. Our wildflower areas and meadows can also be enhanced with bulb planting and seeding. Different options are available for a variety of areas throughout the park, which can vary with availability and seasonality.

An apple tree in the community orchard at Brocks Hill

Park improvement donation

Brocks Hill Country Park is enjoyed by over 150,000 visitors each year and on limited budgets we are constantly striving to improve and conserve this beautiful place for future generations.

A bequest or donation to the work of the Country Park makes your loved one not only a part of Brocks Hill’s history, but also part of its future.

Whether £10 or £1000, all donations to the Country Park will be used to make Brocks Hill a better place;

For example by enhancing features, conserving woodland habitats, or maintaining paths in the woods.

Money donated to the Country Park for memorial purposes will be used to make improvements that we could not afford from our normal day to day budget.

For example:

Opportunities exist to replace specimen trees and support garden planting and enhancements.

It might be that you wish to support the sharing of a love of nature through supporting interpretation signs or features and events such as arts in the park.

There is also the opportunity to support educational equipment and our developing school resources.

If your loved one had a particular interest in art or crafts, it is also possible to donate to the work of the Brocks Hill Centre.

If you are interested in any of these options and would like to discuss your wishes, please contact us by email: csc@oadby- or call the Council's Customer Service Centre on Leicester (0116) 288 8961.

Terms and Conditions

Brocks Hill will organise the purchase and installation of your sponsored features and will maintain them until the end of their lives.

  • The sponsored item itself serves as the memorial and no items such as bouquets are to be placed by it or ashes scattered.
  • We are responsible for looking after donated benches but won't replace them if they become damaged beyond repair.
  • We will replace a sponsored tree that is planted and watered in the unlikely event that it fails to establish and dies within 2 years. If a tree dies after this establishment period, a fee may be required to cover the cost of replacing it.
  • If a tree is vandalised within 2 years and is no longer viable or dead, we will replace the tree once.
  • If a plaque is vandalised we unfortunately cannot replace the plaque.
  • If unforeseen circumstances require it, we reserve the right to move or remove any tree, and we will plant a replacement tree in an appropriate location.
  • Your memorial item is sponsored but not owned. Legal ownership of a sponsored item remains with Brocks Hill Country Park.
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