Town centre screens

The borough council owns three modern and high quality screens, with one positioned prominently in each of our town centres of Oadby, Wigston and South Wigston.

The screens were installed in summer 2023 and are switched on 24/7, 365 days per year.

The council uses its screens to carry its own key messages, but also offers the opportunity for businesses, organisations and groups to advertise on them.


Pricing for advertising on town centre screens in oadby & wigston

Screen specifications

The following graphic shows the dimensions of the town centre screen and the specifications therefore associated with the artwork that would need to be provided by the advertiser:

Dimensions for town centre screens

Place your advert

To request more information or arrange to place an advert, please email

Where capacity allows, we may be able to offer to design your advert at a further cost. Please mention this in your enquiry if of interest.

Advertise your event to 'What's On and Events' email subscribers

Through its email subscription service, the council has 2,826 individuals (number increasing and accurate as of 1 January 2024) that are signed up to receive updates for our ‘What’s on & Events’ topic.

The council will use this mailing list to send out an email that contains the relevant visual/information about your event. Usually, this will be the event poster with any accompanying information the advertiser wishes to include.


Pricing for advertising through council's email subscription service

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