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Armed Forces Community Covenant

Oadby & Wigston Borough Council is committed to supporting armed forces personnel and veterans.

The community covenant aims to encourage local communities to support the armed forces in their areas and to increase public understanding and awareness of issues affecting the armed forces and their families.

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The Oadby & Wigston Community Covenant was signed on 4th April 2014 declaring how the Borough will support members of the armed forces.

Covenant signing 1

The Mayor and the Armed Forces Champion of Oadby & Wigston Borough Council were joined by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Pope and David Atterbury, County Chairman of Leicestershire and Rutland Royal British Legion in signing the covenant.

The Armed Forces Community Covenant is a public declaration that the Council will work to support serving and former members of the armed forces community.

As part of this commitment, the Council has pledged to:

  • To appoint a Councillor as the Council’s Lead Member and Champion for the Armed Forces. This will ensure that recognition of the armed forces will be embedded within and promoted by the Council. The first incumbent of this position will be Councillor Lynda Eaton.
  • To research and build an understanding as to how many current and ex service men and women and their families reside within the borough together with any other information that will assist the Council better understand their issues and needs.
  • To communicate a clear and positive message to current and ex service men and women and their families that reside in the borough that the Council wants to listen and learn about what it can usefully and practically do to assist them
  • To communicate clear and positive messages to other organisations and residents which demonstrate that the Council takes its relationship with armed services and personnel seriously.
  • The Armed forces Champion will present an annual report to the full Council that will set out any activities relating to the Covenant and the Council’s interactions with the armed forces during that year and how the Covenant could evolve for the following year
  • The creation an easy to find and navigate dedicated page on the Council’s website that sets out the measures that the council is taking together with a copy of the Covenant and signposts and links to other relevant organisations and agencies
  • To work with the Leicestershire Branch of the Royal British Legion and the In-Service Representative to develop and progress the aims of the Covenant

In addition the Council will:

  • Fly a Flag for Armed Forces Day to raise awareness of the role of the Armed Forces and their families continue to play
  • Mark Remembrance Day by supporting and coordintaing public acts of remembrance
  • Recognise Armistice Day with a two minute silence
  • Bestow the Freedom of the Boroughin recognition of the role the Armed Forces play.
  • Meet annually with Armed Forces representatives to review the progress of the Covenant

Give an ongoing commitment for the Mayor of the Borough will represent the Council at armed services and cadet events.

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