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Budget 2013-2014

This web page contains information relating to the Councils Budget for 2013/14. There are downloadable documents containing a summary for the overall General Fund Budget together with summaries for each of the authorities committees showing the net budget for each service, plus a summary of the Housing Revenue Account.

01 Overall Budget Summary 2013-14 (PDF Document, 14.06 Kb)

02 Policy Finance Development 2013-14 (PDF Document, 15.06 Kb)

03 Service Delivery Committee 2013-14 (PDF Document, 15.4 Kb)

04 Development Control 2013-14 (PDF Document, 12.25 Kb)

05 Licensing Committee Budget 2013-14 (PDF Document, 12.09 Kb)

06 Youth Forum 2013-14 (PDF Document, 8.41 Kb)

07 HRA 2013-14 (PDF Document, 15.36 Kb)

08 Capital Programme Final 2013-14 (PDF Document, 14.28 Kb)

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