The LGA’s Corporate Peer Challenge (CPC) is an independent and improvement support offer at no charge to local authorities. It is conducted by a team of experienced elected members and senior officers from other local authorities, across the country. The LGA recommend a Peer Review every three to five years. The council invited the LGA in during January 2022 following its first review in 2017.

The review focused on five key areas including our understanding of the local place and priority setting, our place leadership role, organisational leadership and governance, financial planning and viability and our capacity to deliver. The Peer team spent four days exploring these five areas with more than 67 people including a range of council staff together with our elected members and external stakeholders, through a series of meetings, discussion sessions and focus groups.

The feedback report is available here: Corporate Peer Challenge - Feedback Report (PDF Document, 309.32 Kb)

We welcome the attached Feedback Report which summarises: “Since its last Local Government Association (LGA) Corporate Peer Challenge (CPC) in 2017, Oadby & Wigston Borough Council (OWBC) has undertaken a variety of work to improve its services and ways of working. The majority of building blocks are now in place to best deliver the council’s work and serve its communities” and “The council also responded well to the initial challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic from March 2020, eg through developing the community hub response with local partners and volunteers, supporting the borough’s most vulnerable residents, and local businesses as the economy started to open after lockdown”

Following on from the feedback report, an Action Plan has been put together to implement the recommendations made.

This Action Plan is available to read in full: Corporate Peer Review Action Plan - May 2022 (PDF Document, 231.59 Kb)

Last updated: Monday, 16 May 2022 1:50 pm