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Employee Benefits

This page outlines a list of employee benefits including generous annual leave entitlement, a competitive pension scheme, family friendly leave and discounted leisure facilities.

The benefits of working for us

In addition to the generous holiday allowance, free onsite car parking and nearby access to local shops, restaurants and cafes, Oadby and Wigston Borough Council offers a vast range of benefits to its employees, some of which are categorised below.

Investing in our people since 1996

Not only were we the first local authority in Leicestershire to be recognised as an Investor In People Organisation in 1996, we have been accredited with this prestigious award many times over, more recently in 2014. With our dedicated and diverse workforce, this award recognises the Council's investment in the training and development of its employees, and you could be a part of this too. Please see our current vacancies page for details.Investors in People

Other training and development opportunities identified through appraisals and development meetings include in-house training, post-entry training to qualification level and secondment, apprenticeship and work experience opportunities.

Pay Matters

With equal monthly salary payments into your preferred account, you always know what to expect without any hassle. We offer the option for you to deduct tax-free payments from your salary to pay for childcare and a very competitive pension scheme. There is also an opportunity to claim expenditure for mileage, depending on the needs of your contract.

Flexible Working Opportunities

With no core working hours, the majority of staff can take advantage of the Council's flexible working system. In agreement with your line manager, you will have the opportunity to start later, finish earlier and even take a longer lunch break. You can also take advantage of additional authorised time off as a result of flexi time you have accrued.

Family Friendly Leave

At Oadby and Wigston Borough Council we understand the difficulty of achieving a work-life balance that is right for you and therefore offer many benefits to satisfy your needs including maternity, paternity, parental or adoption leave.

In addition to this we offer a generous annual leave entitlement to all employees, helping you to achieve this balance.

Health and Well-being

As part of our ongoing commitment to develop a healthy workforce, the Council has teamed up with its Occupational Health provider, a team of healthcare professionals, to establish the relationship between work and your health. Assessments are made to determine your ability to work and what reasonable adjustments are needed to help you to be at work.

We also recognise the importance and impact that regular exercise has on your health and well-being and therefore offer a great range of discount on fitness activities. These include free swimming and free and reduced rate access to local leisure facilities such as Parklands Leisure Centre and Brocks Hill Visitor Centre. If that is too much for you, there is always 15% off at Brocks Hill cafe for employees.

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