FAQs - alternate weekly waste collections

How does an alternate household weekly waste service work?

Currently residents have their black general waste bin and recycling bin collected every week.

From 2nd September, residents will have their black general waste bin collected one week and their recycling bin collected on the following week… and so on in that continuing pattern.

From 2nd September, what day will my waste/ recycling be collected? Can I find out early?

You will receive another letter in August to advise you of your collection dates – please do not contact us to ask for your dates before then as we won’t have the information available.

Are garden waste, medical waste or assisted collections affected?

If you have specialised medical waste or assisted collections booked with us, they will continue. We don’t anticipate any change to your garden waste collection dates.

How does this alternate weekly household waste service compare to others nationally and in Leicestershire?

OWBC has fought to maintain weekly collections of both general waste and recycling for many years, but now must change to the alternating system that is commonplace across the rest of Leicestershire and much of the UK.

All other Leicestershire councils switched to alternate weekly services many years ago and this is also the norm across the country.

FAQs – Household black bin swaps

Do I have a choice over the size of black bin I can swap to?

The only bin a resident can swap for is a large 240 litre black household bin. This would replace the current 140 litre version at your home. There are no other sizes available.

I’ve submitted my early bird form and made payment for a 240 litre household black bin. When will I receive it and what do I need to do?

You do not need to do anything else at this stage. We will be in touch with you via the email address you’ve provided in July or August to arrange your bin swap. Please look out for this email – there is no need to contact us in the meantime.

Why does the early bird window close on 5 July?

The council needs the opportunity to order and deliver the new bigger bins to those that are certain they need them by 2 September. This will happen in July and August following the closure of the early bird window. The opportunity to arrange for a black bin swap after this date will be possible, but they will arrive in our second delivery period in October this year.

Can I pay for a bigger bin after 5 July?

Absolutely, the opportunity to swap 140 litre bins for bigger 240 litre bins is going to be permanently available to residents. However, residents that submit an application after 5 July won't receive their bigger bin in time for 2 September and will instead receive them in our second delivery period in October this year.

Can I keep my 140 litre waste bin as well as paying £38 for a 240 litre bin?

No,all residents can have one general waste bin and one recycling bin. If you purchase a 240 litre bin, you must present your 140 litre bin for collection as part of the swap.

Can I have multiple waste or recycling bins?

We are not able to offer additional bins to residents. Our routes are optimised for maximum efficiency and we are unable to increase the number of bins we collect.

Do you recommend paying the £38 to swap for a bigger black household waste bin?

We strongly encourage residents to see how they get on in the first few weeks, before deciding if they wish to pay £38 for a bigger black bin swap. Everything that goes into your black bin goes to landfill and this is something we all want to see reduce.

We appreciate that some residents will be certain they want a bigger black household waste bin for 2 September, which is why we are offering the early bird window from 20 May to 5 July. From 14 October, six weeks into the new scheme, this will be made permanently available to everyone.

Why do residents need to pay £38 if they want to swap their 140 litre black bin for a 240 litre black bin?

The £38 cost covers the price of the new 240 litre bin, delivery of the bin to your property, collection of your current 140 litre bin and the disposal of it. In charging £38, the council will only be recovering the cost of providing this service.

We are very aware that the Government is planning to introduce mandatory weekly food waste collections in the near future. New regulations will also see packaging reduced and a consistent approach to recycling introduced across the UK. These positive changes will reduce the amount we throw away, especially into our black bins, and our resources are focused on this.

What happens to my old bin?

Your old bin is taken away and recycled. Income raised from recycling these bins is being passed on to residents as it has been factored into the £38 pricing of a bin swap.

Is there any way to swap by black household waste bin for free?

In exceptional circumstances of financial hardship, we may be able to provide a bin swap free of charge.

At minimum, you will need to provide evidence of your financial difficulties and that you are seeking financial support from the Council, or an alternative monetary advice service.

There are also exemptions for residents that need additional capacity for medical reasons. In this instance you will need to provide evidence of your medical condition and a supporting medical certificate from a doctor or a written reference from a carer or healthcare professional.

Please contact our customer services on 0116 288 8961 team to discuss this further.

Additional waste - FAQs

Can I put additional waste out by the side of my bin?

Additional large cardboard can be flattened and left next to your recycling bin for collection on your recycling week.

Please do not leave any other additional general / landfill waste or recycling out by your bins as we are unable to collect this.

Are there any other options for waste disposal in Oadby & Wigston?

We are fortunate to have the Oadby Recycling and Household Waste site on Wigston Road, Oadby. To check opening times and a list of waste types accepted at the site, check the county council’s website.

Other - FAQs

I’m worried that if I purchase a bigger bin, someone else will take it. What can I do?

While looking after your bin is your responsibility, there are a couple of easy ways to help ensure it doesn’t go missing. The best way is to get a sticker with your house number or full address for your bin, or add a similar identifying mark so you can be sure which bin is yours.

Last updated: Thursday, 27 June 2024 10:13 am