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Waste collection

This page gives details on the collection of household waste.

Wheeled bins for household waste will be delivered to all households during May.

Distribution of wheeled bins for household waste will commence in May. Residents can start using their new bins for household waste from June 2019 and these should be presented kerbside by 7am on your collection day. Bins should be removed from the kerbside as soon as possible after collection but no later than 10pm on the day of collection.

Collection days

From June 2019 some collection days may be changing. To find out the day of your collections please use the 'My Location' area of this page. Your recycling and household waste will still be collected weekly on the same day. .

Household waste collection bin

  • No side waste left next to be bin will be taken.
  • Bin lid must be close
  • You should only use your household waste bin for any domestic waste that can not be recycled in your brown lidded recycling bin or garden waste bin


For details of our recycling collection please visit: Recycling.

Garden waste

For details of our Garden Waste Service please visit: Garden Waste Services.

Disabled and elderly residents

Where a resident has a disability or frailty, we may be able to assist with putting out and returning their bin or to collect their black bags. This applies where the resident is not able to put out their refuse and cannot make other arrangements. You can make an online request by completing the online form using the link below.

Request an assisted collection

For information on any of our household waste services please contact Customer Services (0116) 288 8961.

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