About Peace Memorial Park in Wigston

In 1998 The Heritage Lottery Fund approved a grant of 75% of the £786,000 cost of restoring and improving the park over 4 years, in order that future generations may continue to enjoy it as a special place and a memorial to peace.

By 2002 the total restoration of the park was completed. A new pavilion replaced the 1978 building and is fully available to serve all community groups, including users of the sports courts and the bowling green.

The opening and canopy to the left of this display is open for use by local bands. Within yards of the park, the rich local heritage of Wigston Magna remains, for the keen observer to unravel - the architecture, the street pattern, the Lanes and the field pattern, the topography, vegetation, old farm buildings, framework knitters buildings, hosiery factories, street and shop names.

How to hire Peace Memorial Park

Peace Memorial Park has 1 tennis court, 1 multi-activity court, 1 bowls green and 1 pavilion.

Click here to find out about our Room Hire Facility (PDF Document, 242.79 Kb).

Our Other Parks

The Council has a total of 12 parks and sports grounds of varying shapes and sizes spread throughout the Borough. The major parks and leisure facilities are:

  • Blaby Road Park, South Wigston has:
    • 2 football pitches, 3 play areas, 1 multi-activity court
    • 1 bowls green, 1 skateboard and BMX area, 1 pavilion
  • Coombe Park, Oadby has:
    • 3 football pitches, 1 play area, 1 pavilion
  • Ellis Park, Oadby has:
    • 1 play area, 1 basketball hoop, 3 tennis courts, 1 bowls green, 1 bowls pavilion
  • Florence Wragg Way open space has:
    • 1 play area
  • Foxhollow, Oadby has:
    • 1 toddler play area
  • Freer Park, Wigston has:
    • 2 play areas, 1 basketball hoop, 1 football goal
  • Hayes Park, Wigston has:
    • 1 play area
  • Horsewell Lane Recreation Ground Wigston has:
  • Illife Park, Oadby has:
    • 1 play area
  • London Road (The Morwoods), Oadby has:
    • 1 play area
  • Meadows open space in Wigston has:
    • 1 play area
  • Rosemead Park, Oadby has:
    • 1 play area
  • Uplands Park, Oadby has:
    • 5 football pitches, 2 cricket squares
    • 2 play areas, basketball nets, 1 pavilion
  • William Gunning Park, South Wigston has:
    • 1 play area
  • Willow Park, Wigston has:
    • 2 football pitches, 2 play areas, 1 tennis court, 1 multi-activity court, 1 skateboard area

Brocks Hill Country Park

One enclosed children's play area, one large natural play area, 67 acres of country park, café, toilets, room hire facility

To obtain applications for use of sports pitches and pavilions please click here to contact us.

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