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Private hire operator licence

Anyone who accepts or invites bookings for Private Hire Vehicles must obtain a Private Hire Operators licence from the Council and only vehicles and drivers that are licensed by that same Council can be used.

The Council will not grant a Private Hire operator’s licence unless it is satisfied that the applicant is a “fit and proper” person, that the licence conditions will be adhered to and that the address where the operation is based is suitable for such an activity.

We will firstly require any of the above who intend to actively participate in the operational side of the business to take a specific Competency Test designed for Operators. The cost of the test will need to be paid for by the applicant(s) and they have will have 3 chances to pass this test within 3 months.


Any applicant, joint applicant, business partner, associate, or director (if the applicant is a company) who is not also a licensed driver will be required to apply for a DBS check through the Council.

The applicant must complete the application form supplied by the Council. Any person who is not also a driver currently licensed by the Council is required to complete a DBS application form.

Applications should be made at least six weeks before the licence is required (including renewals) other wise it may not be granted by any preferred date of issue or renewal date. It is the responsibility of the applicant or the existing licence holder to ensure that applications are made in good time.

If a renewal application is not made six weeks in advance a renewed licence may not be granted by the time the old licence expires. If this happens the operator will not legally be able to operate in the interim period.

Applicants interested in becoming a private hire operator are asked to pick up an operator pack from the Council Offices or request one by email.

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