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Additional Document Library

The documents on this page form part of the Core Strategy Examination Document Library. These are additional items which have been added to the Library since the Core Strategy was submitted.

Cooks Lane Documents

CD14/01 Cooks Lane: Assessment of Sustainability
CD14/02 Cooks Lane: Transport Feasibility Study
CD14/03 Cooks Lane: Green Infrastructure Strategy
CD14/04 Cooks Lane: Storm and Foul Water Drainage Report
CD14/05 Cooks Lane: Archaeological Assessment

Cottage Farm Documents

CD14/06 Cottage Farm: Planning Statement
CD14/07 Cottage Farm: Transport Overview
CD14/08 Cottage Farm: Ecology Walkover Survey
CD14/09 Cottage Farm: Flood Risk and Drainage Strategy
CD14/10 Cottage Farm: Archaeological Assessment
CD14/11 Cottage Farm: Landscape and Visual Assessment

Post-submission Documentation

Cd14-12 Schedule of Proposed Minor Changes (PDF Document, 266.81 Kb)

Cd14-13 Equalities Impact Assessment (PDF Document, 311.7 Kb)

Cd14-14 Natural England Appropriate Assessment Letter (PDF Document, 64.22 Kb)

Cd14-15 Matters and Issues (Hearing Agenda) (PDF Document, 66.43 Kb)

Cd14-16 Pre-Hearing Meeting Minutes (PDF Document, 46.26 Kb)

Cd14-17 Inspector's Note 1 - Chapter 3 (PDF Document, 26.62 Kb)

Cd14-18 Inspector's Note 2 - New Guidance (PDF Document, 24.08 Kb)

CD14/19 Additional Written Submissions

Cd14-20 Revised Chapter 3 - Spatial Portrait (PDF Document, 77.02 Kb)

CD14/21 Council's Additional Statements

Evidence from the hearings

Cd14-22 Direction for Growth Local Bus Services Assessment (PDF Document, 60.24 Kb)

Cd14-23 British Waterways Appraisal of Kilby Bridge (PDF Document, 24.18 Kb)

Cd14-24 British Waterways Layout Sketch of Kilby Bridge (PDF Document, 43.06 Kb)

Cd14-25 Land Under the Control of David Wilson Homes (PDF Document, 436 Kb)

Cd14-26 Land Under Control of Wheatcroft & Son (PDF Document, 599.26 Kb)

Cd14-27 Police Evidence of Infrastructure Need (PDF Document, 834.29 Kb)

Cd14-28 Green Wedge Review Joint Methodology (PDF Document, 186.34 Kb)

Cd14-29 Detailed Agendas for the Hearing Sessions (PDF Document, 78.7 Kb)

Cd14-30 Assessment of Highways and Transport Implications - Further Information (PDF Document, 631.39 Kb)

Cd14-31 Leicestershire County Council Civic Amenity Developer Contribution Justification (PDF Document, 43.54 Kb)

Post-hearings documentation

Cd14-32 Revised Chapter 3 - Consultation Responses (PDF Document, 89.55 Kb)

CD14/33 Proposed Changes Consultation Document

Cd14-34 Proposed Changes - Consultation Responses (PDF Document, 77.45 Kb)

Cd14-35 Inspector's Note 3 - Changes to PPS3 & RSS (PDF Document, 22.49 Kb)

Cd14-36 Council Response to Inspector's Note 3 (PDF Document, 37.69 Kb)

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