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This page outlines the way planning issues are dealt with by the Council.

Town and Country Planning legislation is divided into two areas, Planning Control and Planning Policy.

The Planning Control team - deals principally with development proposals from pre-application discussions, formal applications and planning enforcement matters. Using the menu on the right you can find out how to make a planning application, how to comment on an existing planning application, about whether planning permission is required and how to make a complaint about unauthorised development.

View Planning Application details (with PublicAccess)

Planning Application Forms or submit an application on line

The Planning Policy team - deals with planning policy regarding future development, allocations and the Development Plan. The Development Plan is a strategic framework that guides land use planning for the area, and is used to help determine decisions on planning applications. The Development Plan consists of the (new) Local Plan and the Saved Local Plan.

View Town Centres

View planning policy consultations

View the Borough Local Plan

View up to date information regarding policy document preparation

View further information regarding current Local Development Orders

Further information can be found by using the grey navigation links on the right hand side of the page.

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