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Business Rates General

This page provides an overview of Business Rates including information about rateable values and where you can get independent advice about Business Rates.

The Business Rate is a national tax on non-domestic property that is used to help pay for the cost of local services.

Rateable value

The Business Rate bill is based on the RV (rateable value) of each property, which is set by an independent government body called the Valuation Office Agency. Individual liability is fixed by applying a multiplier or rate poundage to a rating assessment. The rate poundage is fixed annually by central government. Rating assessments are fixed by the Valuation Office Agency and reflect the rental value of the premises at a fixed point in time. Currently this date is the 1 April 2015 and the current rateable values are effective from 1st April 2017.

Rental values will change with the passing of time, in response to market forces and changes in the economic climate. Central government, as a result, has introduced transitional relief schemes that apply to each successive national re-valuation, to stabilise the effect of those changes upon the business community.

Local authorities also take responsibility for displaying the Rating List. This book contains details of all rating assessments within the borough and is available for inspection during normal office hours. The Rating List is also available online via the Valuation Agency's official web site.

All non-domestic ratepayers usually have a right of appeal to the Valuation Office Agency against individual rating assessments.

Rating advice

If you require advice about whether to appeal against a rateable value, you are advised to consult a reputable independent rating advisor. As not all rating advice companies operate in a reputable manner you should contact one of the following organisations first:

Both of these organisations are regulated by rules of professional conduct designed to protect the public from malpractice; they are also required to hold adequate professional indemnity insurance.

Appealing against individual rating assessments

Information on how to appeal against your rating assessment can be found at Business Link.

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