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Food Safety Services for Businesses

Environmental healthfood safety services for businesses - washing hands 1The Environmental Health Service supports our local economy and wants to see our food businesses thrive whilst providing good, safe food for our residents and visitors. Producing food safely does not have to be difficult but it is as important as getting the ingredients right and should be at the heart of all of our food businesses.

We are here to help businesses to keep food safe by giving advice and signposting to some very good information and practical tips. We comply with the requirements of the local Better Regulation Office and the Regulators Compliance code to ensure that we are consistent and proportionate when taking enforcement action.

The Food Standards Agency promotes two main methods for managing food safety:

Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) - an innovative and practical approach to food safety management. It helps small businesses with food safety management procedures and food hygiene regulations.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) - a system that helps food business operators look at how they handle food and introduces procedures to make sure that the food produced is safe to eat.

The Food Standards Agency also produces guidance for new food businesses which contains useful information.

Environmental healthfood safety services for businesses - food safety rating 1Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

This national scheme provides consumers with information about hygiene standards in food business establishments. This can be used to check compliance with the legal requirements that businesses are judged against at time of inspection. The given food hygiene rating reflects the inspection findings and we encourage all food businesses to display their score to show how good they are.


All businesses that produce waste as part of their operation have a duty of care to ensure it is taken away by a licensed waste carrier. Businesses that produce greasy waste water should make sure that they consider what action they can take to prevent blocking the sewers.

Health and Safety

Businesses also have a duty of care for the health and safety of their employees and members of the public. Businesses need to carry out a risk assessment to identify possible hazards. Controls must be put in place and monitored to reduce the risks to an acceptable level.

Pest Control

Pests are a serious hazard in food businesses and managers need to ensure they have plans to control the risks and deal with infestation. The Food Standards Agency has produced guidance on how to control pests in the food industry.

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